God Friended Me: The Good Samaritan
October 12, 2018 1:11 PM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Miles gets the opportunity of a lifetime when a satellite radio company wants to put his podcast on the air, and the God Account suggests that he befriend a single mother. Also, Cara tries to build a relationship with her estranged mom, and Rakesh is crushed when he spots Jaya on a date.

The lens flares are so bright, it's really annoying. And on top of that many scenes had a weird blurriness around the edges. Then outdoors scenes had an odd static after-effect to the audio for dialogs.

Aside from that, it was a decent show centered around communication. At least the show knows how to build a theme. The handling of the autistic kid was well done on top of that.

The "mysterious phenomenon" intrigue will keep me watching, but so far it seems like if it's really God or some super AI or algorithm, it's doing a really great job of keeping the cast from getting anywhere near to figuring it out. Although it's only the 2nd episode so we'll see. But if we don't finish the season with any hint about the origin of the God account I might not bother with next season.
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But if we don't finish the season with any hint about the origin of the God account I might not bother with next season.

I feel pretty much the opposite -- wouldn't an explanation for the God account be like Star Wars introducing midichlorians as an explanation for the Force, or Highlander introducing the Planet Zeist as an explanation for the Quickening? I'm fine with them keeping the plausible deniability factor going by not having any actual appearance by God or angels. I'm glad they're not leaning to heavily on the mystery/puzzle aspect of the show, it will make the inevitable cancellation less potentially cliffhanging. (Certainly as compared to Manifest's "we've got a 6-year plan" when there's almost no chance of the show making it to a second season.)

I'm still loving the unintended comedy of everyone in the show treating Miles' podcast as if it is a potential money-maker. Recording in that big professional studio, being courted for syndication. As opposed to the reality of most podcasts I listen to, recorded in somebody's tiny studio apartment, reading ad copy for Casper Mattresses & Blue Apron and plugging their Patreon to break even.
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Yeah the podcast stuff is pretty out of touch with what we know, but at least the usual recording in his apartment is true enough.

I have no hopes for either show but I do like Manifest better. But I do like that CBS just lets you watch the latest 5 episodes for free on their site instead of having to pay for Hulu like Manifest.
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