Limetown: Bordeaux
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+18 days 2 hrs since Lia Haddock's abduction.

We learn where Sylvia has been, and what Daniel has been up to, and why one should make sure that your cut-outs know the difference between Austria and Australia.
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I’ve resisted commenting because I’m feeling uncharitable about the show, and I didn’t want to derail, but it’s been 10 days... this episode felt like it was using a lot of scene shifts and shouting to cover not really advancing the plot at all. That, plus the fact they’ve dropped pretty much all of what fresh from season one is... not great. My money is on the space that say “this season is a space filler to get you interested in the tv show and we won’t reveal anything useful or interesting.”

They are also clichéing pretty hard (episode 2.5 was ridiculous). Makes me want to relisten to the Black Tapes, which was a disappointing mess, but one that liked its characters and audience.
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All that said, I’d enjoy hearing from people who are finding it a good show. If so, tell me why you like it!
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It’s definitely slicker and less compelling than the first season, but the first season bought them a lot of glidepath, as far as I’m concerned.
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