Limetown: S2 Episode 1: London
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+120 hrs from Lia Haddock's abduction.

IT'S BACK! After nearly three years, Limetown returns, and nearly five days have gone by in-universe. We are introduced to a snarky investigator, a nervous lawyer/money man, a kayak-like enforcer, and the person who made the decision to only kill half of Limetown.
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I realized today that the very first episode of Limetown was released on my first day at my current job. It would have been my second week, but I delayed my start to spend another week at home with my brand-new daughter. Who is now potty-trained.
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Yeah, I have been referring to season two as alternately Chinese Democracy or Duke Nukem Forever. I'm amazed and delighted that it finally came.
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I wonder how much of it was realizing they could kinda "pre-script" the TV show via the podcast.
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It's been so long... do I need a full re-listen, or is there some sort of recap? I remember little bits, and really liking it, but not much.
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Yes! There is a recap, about five minutes, on the feed. It doesn't appear to be on the webpage, though.
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The "previously" recap is around; it looks like they're hosting on Megaphone.
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The recap is very short and covers only the bits you need to remember in order for this episode to make sense. I relistened to season 1 last week - it didn't take long with only six episodes - and there were a number of characters and details I'd forgotten after three years that aren't even hinted at in the "previously on" episode. It couldn't hurt if you have a few hours to spare.
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I was... unimpressed. Without Whitehurst as Lia Haddock, were left with a kind of dull conspiracy story. None of the new characters have much charisma, and, as the mystery is stripped away, there’s not much there.

I may be a hostile audience. I’d rather have a podcast that wants to be a podcast rather than s podcast that wants to be an ad for a book and s TV show. Mostly, I was reminded of Joseph Fink’s grotesque shilling for the book of Alice Isn’t Dead, which distracted me from enjoying Jason’s Nicole’s acting and drew attention to all of Fink’s storytelling ticks.

Anyway, I’d give this episode a B-, with s grade knocked off for dull reuse of tropes.
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I agree the pre-episode shilling is annoying, but I liked this episode! I do miss Lia and hope she won’t be absent all season, but the format shakeup is working for me.

A couple of season 1 episodes have been lightly edited to retcon Lia’s dad out (he’s now either missing or dead, rather than alive and on the couch while Lia’s mom is on the phone with her in the Napoleon ep) and make her mother more significant.
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