Babylon Berlin: Episode 1
October 20, 2018 10:15 AM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Gereon Rath is the enigmatic new inspector who joins Berlin’s vice squad. He is a First World War veteran from Cologne, but appears to be entangled in the capital’s criminal underworld. Episode one’s opening scenes show flashes of Rath’s life both past and future: cavorting in nightclubs, fighting on the front lines, drowning underwater. In present-day Berlin, he is charged with closing down a pornographic film set with his chief inspector, Wolter – a gruff, untrusting man. Guardian Wikipedia Rotten Tomatoes 100% IMDB 8.4 On Netflix in US, CA and AU.
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I've found good tv series through fanfare. So I'm trying to repay the favour by this post.
This series is really good.
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Sooooo good, although the English dub was pretty terribad, stick to the subs.

Might just be because I only noticed the English dub several episodes in, but the dub used a different translation too, if memory serves, and it was clumsier? More modern? It felt Wrong, anyway.
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Team Kardakov 100%
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It's better than the books! Fantastic sets though and some great cliff-hangers/ twists. And the details about living in Weimar-era Berlin are also crazy great (people must have been so amazingly smelly). And the Berlin-accents are a hoot.

I enjoyed the crap out of it. It's not as emotionally dense as "Better Call Saul" say but it's still compelling.
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I agree; great period detail. Like, the prevalence of cocaine. The desperate people looking for jobs. The pesticides (Germany was the worlds leader in organic chemistry). Etc, etc. But never heavy handed like usually with European productions.
And as a Dutchman I find the Berlin dialect "Ik mach dat" (I'll take care of that) remarkably like Dutch. I guess that's die zweite Lautverschiebung for you.
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One of the little details I've really enjoyed about this show is the period-accurate way pedestrians and cars and bicycles interact on the streets - which is to say, pedestrians use the streets pretty freely, and a much smaller volume of cars and cyclists work around them.
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Just started watching this. Unbelievable! The production # in Episode 2 is now my all-time favorite. The period detail is stunning, right down to the wallpaper in every room. This is my favorite time and place in history, and now it's given the attention it deserves. "Cabaret" is no match for this.
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