My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 434: The Crimes of Grundlewad
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Aw DUNK it's time to make it magic at the movies again. Grab your favorite pizza and all your favorite DVDs and come on down to the movies with us, as some of our favorite wizards tally up Grimbleward's crimes. Suggested talking points: The Boy Who Wasn't In This One, Hard Livin' Jeans, Worldwide Broadcast, Community Dessert, Pizza and a Movie, Boring Ballet, Dream Aquarium
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This episode was really funny and good. Griffin sounds like he’s feeling better and for that I am glad. I wonder if Lin-Manuel was listening to this one thinking about how his twitter account is kind of like that worldwide broadcast. I liked how Justin hit upon the correct answer to that and they immediately moved on, that’s one of my favorite things bingo card items. I wonder if Justin really has been wearing one pair of jeans for 2 years.
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The extended tear into the crimes of grumblegus was amazing.
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Griffin very adequately captured how it felt for me, as someone who hadn't exactly pre-researched the first film, to have Depp show up at the very end. I guess the feeling of revulsion was appropriate, but it is not one that I ever want to repeat. Which is kind of a pity because the rest of it felt a bit lightweight but was so fun right up until that point. So, yeah. It's been awhile since I can remember a bit feeling so cathartic.
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I loved Griffin's "Who are you and what have you done to my brother?" reaction to Justin's (very bad, imo) jeans and grocery shopping takes.
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Justin's thing about the groceries was like the most relatable thing any of them have ever said. The day of grocery shopping is the least likely day that cooking is going to happen.
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We specifically try to eat dinner AT the grocery store (it being the kind of place where that is possible) because of the thing Justin says. Then we are full and don’t buy junk and don’t have to look at food anymore after putting everything away. (Which is 100% NOT the case when the only grocery time is after my karate class and before I eat dinner, when I come home the proud owner of Every Carb.)

The extended Grumberbatch riff was great.
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JUSTIN: "Two whole Christian hours and forty-three Christian minutes of the Crimes of Vengabus..."

GRIFFIN: "I thought I had staked out an extreme position and then Justin came shreiking into the room with his jeans-that-stand-up-on-their-own."
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