My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 435: The Pasta Poem
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Hey, y'all on the lookout for great, online deals from trusted sources? Here's a great deal for you: An almost hour-long audio file with a bunch of jokes on it! And how much will it cost you? Like forty dollars! Suggested talking points: Beezbos' Hunger, Secret Benefits, Dream Poetry, That's A Christmas To Me: Round One, The Basement Toilet, Dougway
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As an MFA graduate and occasional poet, I was so delighted when Griffin started making fun of Ploughshares. I can confirm that burping secrets onto a page and shutting a book remains a popular school of poetry, and sometimes even a successful one, depending on the quality of the secrets and the burps. (Incidentally, I didn't know Rachel was a poet!)

I have read that Queen Elizabeth has her own toilet carried around with her for just such reasons as the McElroys outline. I haven't read that Prince Charles does, but he does apparently have people who guard the hallway on either side so that no one comes near any bathroom that he is in. I am sorry not to cite this important information.
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I love the idea of Clint holding a grudge against Al Roker for making fun of his sons.
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Rachel's reaction on twitter
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As someone with an unused basement toilet, I'm pretty sure the actual answer is that if you have an old house in an old city and the toilet is low enough, gravity works against you for solids and you really don't want someone pooping in there if you're the landlord. But that's not nearly as funny.
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It was also extremely frustrating that none of them have apparently been to a buffet where you can build your own sandwich, and that neither had the person who sent in the question or anybody who answered the question.

This was like when they were describing Damned Yankees a few episodes ago without any apparent knowledge of damn yankees and then Justin sang songs from Damn Yankees the next episode, or like when they made fun of hot meat beverages until they realized they were talking about soup.
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Fun fact, I was seriously considering using Candlenights in a story I'm working on as a nod to the McElroys but now I definitely won't, even if Justin saying it's trademarked was probably a goof.
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Also, for a basement bathroom in Michigan it's extremely likely that the toilet drains into a waste sump with a sump pump, and more often than not such pumps can have a hard time pumping the sorts of things that go into a toilet. So if you're a landlord and you don't want to have to fix the pump in the bottom of a fetid hole you might just go ahead and make the toilet off-limits.
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