RuPaul's All Stars Drag Race: Snatch Game of Love
December 28, 2018 8:35 PM - Season 4, Episode 3 - Subscribe

It’s Snatch Game with a Dating Game twist!
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Really enjoyed the episode- lots of good drama. Both guest “bachelors”/judges were adorable.

I felt bad for Latrice, but not THAT bad because she didn’t seem to have a solid plan for how to make Della Reese funny. Gia was a huge disaster, and I do have some sympathy for her as it seems like a lot of her meanness stems from self-hatred, but I still don’t want to see her on my TV. Bye, girl.

I liked when Trinity warned Manila about eliminating Valentina- she was vague but I know she meant, you eliminate Valentina and her insane fan club will make your life hell. Valentina is growing on me because she is very smart and getting smarter every day. I honestly didn’t even think her Chita was that bad; alas, if only the judges were better acquainted.
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I truly disliked this snatch game format. It's weird to split them up, and it lessened the impact of visual impersonations. The guest judges were 100% adorable though.

Gia's heart is a black hole and I am happy to see her go. This was the second challenge where she shaded other queens for being men, which is just super super weird. While I'm not down with Ru's previous stand on trans competitors, "I'm actually a woman and you're just a man in a dress" is a card I never want to see played.

My top 4: Trinity, Naomi, Latrice, Valentina. My heart yearns for a Latrice win, would be happy with a Naomi win, but knows those other two bitches have come to slay and will be hard to beat.
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I was bothered that no one really called Gia out for resting on racial stere, though Manila and Olympian judge came the closest. I will miss her drama stirring but the rest of her can go.

This sort of felt like the worst of Snatch Game, with a lot of one note performances.

Naomi wasn’t the only one who wasn’t wearing an actual boot, if they were going to do call outs.
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Ugh Gia motherfucking Gunn man.

She just went there. Went there hard. Like, the racist as fuck impersonation of someone she didn't know - literally reducing them down to a stereotype, the joyless Snatch Game attacks on the other girls, especially Latrice, and then the pity party before the lip synch - just, whew. I'm so glad she's gone. I'm also glad she identified some of the problems as stemming from her conflict of being back in the workroom, bringing back unpleasant feelings from prior to her transition, but fuck, man. Everyone in that work room has some shadow over them. Latrice especially, and I'm glad they brought that into the fore to prevent her from looking like a sour old hag for being unwilling to engage with Gia's bullshit.

I'm a bit dirty on the judges for going so easy on her. She was a mess from start to finish. Michelle came pretty close to nailing her for being racist as fuck, pointing our that Jenny Bui has a complexity and a compelling history that Gia steamrolled, but for Michelle it was barely a wrist slap. I guess everyone had come to the conclusion that bitch was going home, so there was not a lot of point getting too stuck into her. I even wonder a bit if putting Valentina in the bottom in lieu of Monet Inanimate Carbon Rod was stacking the deck to just get rid of Gia definitively. I mean her Kitt was not great, but it was recognizably Eartha, (I AM DISTRESSED NO-ONE GOT THE YZMA REFERENCE) whereas I had to remind myself periodically that Monet was. Her Whitney was really one note and didn't convey who she was at all.

AND MANILA BABY DON'T TRY TO BE TOO CLEVER AT VALENTINA. Like, don't fuck with her. She's smarter and shadier than you - and I say that as a Manila fan.

The lipsynch was great too, I really loved how much fun they both had with it, but the tension of Valentina's possible elimination kind of ruined it for me. It would have been super fucking stupid to send her home, and I'm glad Manila didn't go there in the end.
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Jenny Bui claps back
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Just listened to this episode's Race Chaser with Willam and Alaska, and they do a very interesting phone call with Gia (starts around 56:54). The upshot seems to be that she was indeed self-producing for the cameras, partly because she was aware that she was cast for her ability to make good TV. But the angst she was feeling was real. It sounds like it was exacerbated by her having hoped for some kind of genuine warm moment where she'd be received with open arms as an openly trans contestant from Ru, and instead feeling kind of unwelcome, and also like she was just being trotted out to show how inclusive the show was.

And she apparently had no intention of actually doing Caitlyn, which is kind of hilarious and makes me respect her as a contestant/producer because she clearly understands good reality TV, but also makes her cringey Jenny Bui even more inexcusable. She was never going to kill this challenge but, I mean, yikes.
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