Runaways: Last Waltz
January 5, 2019 6:09 PM - Season 2, Episode 11 - Subscribe

It's Molly's 15th birthday and everyone throws her a quincenera. Old Lace gets left behind. Chase gets high and later gets a phone call from his dad.

AV Club: The kids throw a party on a fun, sad Runaways

Chase high on truth serum is a fucking delight. Especially about their sex life. “I’m not sure which one is the animal, if you know what I mean...sexually.”
Also: “You guys are in trouble....”

So New Catherine’s tell is having her hair down, and eating, and getting horny while eating.

“You think because I’m wearing a tunic I won’t drop your skinny ass?” -New Stacey

“Your line of inquiry is very alarming.” -Vaughn

WTF PREGNANT WHAT? Who the hell was Leslie having sex with? Though in other news, man, is she getting a taste of her own cult medicine now. I remember reading that she was pregnant during Timeless's filming so they had to film her from the waist up, I guess this was done around that time as well?

* How does the hidden underhill mansion have a regular phone line?
* Apparently the kids stole a lot of money from the strike team somehow for all the fancy clothes and lights and glitter? I did laugh at the SnoBall cake though. Gert and Chase are lovely at the party, between her speech and his dancing. He loves Molly too, though you know, not in that way.
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I'm surprised that !Tina and !Victor couldn't tell that Stacey is not Stacey during those PRIDE meetings. But I guess they'll figure it out soon enough.

The quincenera was lovely even if it ended on a sad note. Even Alex got on the dance floor.

The strike team basically went poof so all their gear and vehicles and whatnot are all there for the taking/pawning.

Landlines don't ever get disconnected, and with the method that Victor was using, it doesn't matter if there's no phone bill being paid to keep it open because he was basically flooding the system of the entire area forcing all phones to ring.
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