Runaways: Earth Angel
January 5, 2019 7:19 PM - Season 2, Episode 12 - Subscribe

Chase joins the Pride and finds out the nature of his dad's illness (hint: he's losing time). Karolina, Molly, Nico and Vaughn go on a "prison break girls trip" to break Leslie out of cult jail.

AV Club: The penultimate Runaways kicks everything into high gear with a rescue mission "Look: I know that Runaways probably isn’t going to go full season five of Angel, but I would love that. It would force the kids to all interact with their parents constantly while removing almost none of the antagonism, It would let the ensemble move much more fluidly. Most importantly, it would give James Marsters another crack at fighting a puppet."

“It’s only one rat, I ironically named him Chase.”

Vaughn called Karolina and everyone else debates if religious prison is a just fine idea. Whaaaaaat?

Is Niko also getting possessed like the parents are?

“I’m not going alone. Vaughn’s coming.” “Even worse.”

“Prison break girl trip!”

“Snack bags!”

‘I heard you liked them once.” “Like LITERALLY once.”

“My nickname was Vaughn the Brawn. Because I was muscular.”

Dale and Stacey are out of control! “You threw me down the stairs and locked me in your little dino-lair.” “Okay, our bad on that.”

“You know what I call Leslie being MIA? Great start.”

“We don’t need to hear more about Gert and Chase’s sex life.”

“Wait, you brought a flare gun?” Later: “Guys! I don’t think she has a flare gun!”

I never got that Karolina’s powers (only?) worked off electronics. Or...not?

So SR-whoever is actually Leslie’s mom? And she got exiled because of Jonah? I’m having Shelly Miscavige vibes here.

“Wait, I just got REALLY hungry.”

“Angry is kind of her resting face.”

That paternity test came out very inconclusive.

Good lord, these religious cults just turn on you on a fucking dime about anything ever, don’t they?


Wait, what, my BETROTHED?!?!
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