My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 441: In a New York Whoopsie
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We're looking for every opportunity we can to Become the Monster (TM, TM, TM) which informs a lot of this episode. Namely? We're tired of the super "hero" known as Wolverine always trying to murder our dad, and boy, we're feeling brave enough to give him a piece of our mind. Suggested talking points: Our Coworker Wolverine, Christmas in August, Janine's Big Pockets, Tebow's Fresh Start, Crash Etiquette, Origami Mistake
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Tim Tebow's Bad News Person: Hey, Tim Tebow, I'm sorry but someone ate all the core life food. There's none left for you.

Tim Tebow:
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"Hey Tim did you know all of core life food is created from the magic of your touchdown footballs?"

Tim Tebow:
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Griffin clowning on Marvel characters made this precious for me. I'd like to think the four of them wrote the comic in part by roleplaying. It's clear that they can create great stories that way, whereas I have never seen a collaborative group writing project turn out without enormous halfassery on someone's part.
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I especially like how they take a quick break from their roleplay to consider, hey, are they going to get in terrible for these goofs? But then get right back into it, where they left off.
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"Corelife is dedicated to a philosophy of Muslim Anarco-Collectivism"

Tim Tebow:
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I'd like to think the four of them wrote the comic in part by roleplaying

I’d love it if they just recorded their working sessions and published that as a podcast. They probably won’t, for many understandable reasons, but I’d love it if they did. I probably won’t read the comic books just because I find the form factor annoying and difficult to read in general.
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I mean not that I think they’d be DOING role playing a la this show or TAZ but just listening to them work I think would be interesting and entertaining.
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Three days later, the disheartened picture of Tim Tebow has been removed.
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Griffin clowning on Marvel characters made this precious for me.

"Slurp your knives back into your fingers!" That gave me a very good laugh this morning. As did Travis arguing that humming was at least as egregious as dad stabbing.
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