Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: I Can Work With You
January 18, 2019 8:42 PM - Season 4, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Rebecca agrees to help out Darryl by offering to babysit and an unexpected guest crashes the evening. Meanwhile, Paula throws a game night.
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This episode was meh for me. I don’t care about most of these storylines and I strangely find myself anti-Greg - what about Nathaniel??
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and I strangely find myself anti-Greg - what about Nathaniel??

same here. Nathaniel clearly isn't emotionally where he's supposed to be yet, but it feels like Greg was just introduced a few episodes ago...

(Josh wanting to take the perfect underwear shot with one person after the other walking in and wanting to help was kind of endearing though.)
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Yes, the underwear shoot was a highlight.
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I have always been Team Greg - I feel like he is the only one who is at a comparable point in his journey of healing and self-discovery as Rebecca. There were two scenes in this episode which made me think this really could be endgame. I wonder what it's going to be like when Rebecca finally comes face to face with Marco though.

One was when Rebecca took a second to focus on her mental health post-kiss and really think about what she was doing before throwing herself into the romantic moment with Greg (mentioned in the review linked in the OP too). I really loved that scene and felt it to be so emblematic of how far she's come. Yay, Rebecca.

The other was the scene where she was debriefing Paula. She waited to congratulate Paula and give her her moment, and then she updated her on the Greg development, then she wraps it up without making the scene all about her. She sees her relationship development in perspective. Rachel Bloom played the hell out of that scene, because she seemed so genuinely yet quietly happy.
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I liked the Rat Pack tribute with Josh and Nathaniel, especially the drinks and the smokes.

I want to like Greg being back and being with Rebecca, but I'm in somewhat the same position as bigendian with regards to his sudden reintroduction and with Nathaniel. As said in an earlier post, I don't need to see Rebecca with anybody in the end, but out of her collection of ex-beaus, I think I'd like to see Nathaniel have a real shot.

I do agree with unicorn chaser that Bloom did a great job this episode playing the wide range of emotions Rebecca experienced.

It was nice to see Scott have a really meaningful scene with Paula, and one where he was right (for a change) and did a good job of looking out for her as her husband and partner.

And yes, the PinkSuperhero was right: the underwear shoot was the highlight of the episode.
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I like all of the dudes and don't really have a favorite, but I felt bad for Nathaniel. I suspect the ending is gonna be an "I choose me" but Greg seems like a solid bet for top dude if they don't go that way. He is the most similar to her and if they're both on the road to recovery...maaaaybe.
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i'm 100% convinced the whole Nathaniel vs Greg thing is a bait and switch and she's going to end up with Josh, though i'd be happy to be wrong (and am also convinced that if they go that way, they'll make it work). there are eight episodes left in this season so it seems a bit early for her and Greg to get together if that really is the endgame.
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Josh is kind of a symbol though of Before Rebecca, who wasn't taking care of herself, and doing the work, to the point that she ignored a lot of major incompatibilities they had. Now, to be fair, Josh *has* done a lot of work on himself but I think they are meant to be friends and not partners.

I find myself in the maybe Nathaniel camp (surprisingly) but I think that might be (in part anyway) because I miss Santino Fontana. I am also TeamRebeccaDoesn'tNeedAMan because that would be a great way to end this ground-breaking show.

But whatever, I have enough trust in the creators that whatever they do will be great and thought-provoking.
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Hey everybody, still on the Adam Schlesinger quarantine memorial rewatch here. I loved all the conflict resolutions big and small in this episode. If the Season 4 arc is everybody is worthy of happiness and it's actually achievable if you do the work, then hoo boy could we use that right now.

Friendship is Magic, y'all.
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