RuPaul's All Stars Drag Race: LaLaPaRUza
January 18, 2019 10:20 PM - Season 4, Episode 6 - Subscribe

"All Star rules are suspended until further notice." time for some surprising returns. Get ready to lipsync for your life, life, life ....
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Valentina’s speech about making up her own reality is my new MO for 2019.

The whole episode felt like a setup to get Latrice back, but I’m here for it! Hoping she can keep her spark lit from now on.
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Valentina's little coconut head for MVP.
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Loved Monique one-upping Latrice on the ol' wig reveal.

Loved so-called 'bitter' Latrice running over to hug Monique at the end there. I was happy to be reminded that most of the drama is for show.

Loved Gia thrashing that loooong hair and Naomi demonstrating why she's a huge threat.

Does the lack of elimination mean that we'll get a double sashay at some point?
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The whole episode felt like a setup to get Latrice back,

That and to keep Valentina in the game. It’s not a coincidence that the all star rules were suspended right before Monet and Manila we’re going to send her packing.
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That was a pretty good episode. For Farrah and Jasmine Masters it was pretty clear who the winner of the lipsyncs was (not them) but the other two were hard to call!

I also totally loved the dual wig reveal by Latrice and Monique. After Latrice I said "uh oh Monique!" and then she pulled her wig off to reveal another underneath and I was relieved. I found myself cheering for Monique over Latrice in that lipsync, which surprised me. I guess Latrice's whole kinda stinky attitude in her elimination episode made me get quietly down from that bandwagon and walk away. I guess I'm still glad the bandwagon exists, but I don't think I'll ride it anymore.

I think that Manila or Valentina will come out on top at this point.
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Also: Naomi's back bend thing was RIDICULOUS. That is some core strength.
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Nah, I thought Gia was done the minute Naomi opted for grace over energy. The bouncing around vs. deliberate movement thing almost always goes in favour of the more careful, nuance performance. And I fucking hated that you could see bits of Gia's reveal dangling out the back of the tearaway. Sloppy. That's not All Star quality there.

For me the telling difference was in the hair. They both had those long, long ass falls, and Naomi's never got in her face, whereas Gia's were fucking everywhere and kept getting stuck to her makeup. Again, sloppy, and shows that given the same starting point Naomi will come out on top.
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I still am predicting Val will win just because I think she has built the biggest brand outside of/tangential to Drag Race, and I think that's what Ru is looking for. And I still love her as a contestant. She's a true diva. But I've slowly transitioned to rooting for Naomi, as well as her Lady Bunny, Manila, just because I think they're more versatile by the standards of Drag Race. Honestly, I would be happy if any of them won.

(I like Trinity as well but I'm hoping for a little more melanin in the Hall of Fame this year...)
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