Supergirl: Suspicious Minds
January 27, 2019 2:26 PM - Season 4, Episode 10 - Subscribe

After Supergirl saves a cargo ship from what seems to be an alien attack, Colonel Haley is upset that she's interfering with the DEO and makes it her top priority to find Supergirl's secret identity. J'onn begins his private investigator business. Brainy tries to convince Nia to embrace her powers.

That was quite a big leap from Supergirl quitting the DEO to now Alex having to forget her sister's secret identity. But I wonder how effective is wiping such specific facts from people's minds. Surely you can still piece together such facts from related memories. I'm assuming J'onn is literally finding everything about Kara being Supergirl in Alex' mind to erase, like all those times Supergirl called her "sister", or when Kara ripped her shirt open to reveal the costume underneath. That would leave a bunch of really weird holes in her memories and might actually drive her crazy. Anyways, I'm nitpicking and I'm sure they'll have a nice neat way to bring let Alex have these memories again.

I liked the callback from Kara to being in Elseworld where Alex didn't know her.

Looks like we'll see Nia becoming a hero in the next few episodes (I hope). I chuckled at Jesse Rath's (Brainy) reading of "a super... friend.'
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Another note, I don't especially like that another woman of color turned out to be a villain on this show. We were given glimpses that Haley might not actually be bad, and just has her own way of running the DEO. I would have liked that once she finds out about Kara and then being saved, she would've stood behind Kara and Alex and then the real big bad is like the president, who is a dick anyway.
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The look on Brainy's face as he kept trying to give his money to J'onn J'onzz to watch over Supergirl made some pretty adorable gifsets.
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On the one hand, yeah, I don't think they have any alternatives but to wipe Alex. On the other hand, that should really fuck Alex up big time in the memory and how messed up is she going to be after this? I hope with all this memory wiping there's some way to fix that sometime.

I assume Brainy doesn't have to be wiped as well under the circumstances? I don't think they clarified that one--well, they said early on he could section off his brain or whatever but I don't know if that works for the alien thingie when that came up later. But it seems likely that someone "on the inside" will still need to know.

I don't really care about the Russian Supergirl or look forward to her becoming a plot problem in the future.
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