Supergirl: Blood Memory
January 29, 2019 11:55 PM - Season 4, Episode 11 - Subscribe

Kara joins Nia on a trip to Nia's hometown to visit her family during the town's annual Harvest Festival. J'onn helps Alex deal with a street drug that is turning humans violent and giving them temporary super strength. A reporter working for James uncover something about Lena.

I'm glad they're showing that the mindwipe is really messing with Alex. And her turning cold and almost hostile towards Supergirl was inevitable. But I wonder if the time they've worked together at DEO is a good memory in her mind, and maybe the fact that Supergirl quit in the face of the president left a bad taste to Alex.

I'm dreading the fallout of James covering up the story about Lena for her. That reporter, Mackenzie, is definitely going to come back into play. I know it's shown as him returning her favor when she kept him from being charged as a vigilante, but I hope it doesn't lead to the usual tropes.

I actually thought Nia knew who Kara was already, but I guess that never came up, which makes that weird rooftop party where Nia was the only one who didn't know kind of awkward now.

The dreaming stuff was neat, but I wonder how the crows represent the Children of Liberty. Also, holy hell I forgot about them since the winter break, and that Agent Liberty is just in jail, not done for yet. I kinda want more drama with Haley and stuff about Nia, rather than CoL again. The Russian Supergirl clone will be in the leadup to the finale, but I have no strong feelings about that; they always gotta have someone comparable to Supergirl's powers every season, but they also always lose, so *shrug*, at least it'll be an entertaining finale.
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I'm glad they're showing that the mindwipe is really messing with Alex.

Me too, although it suffers a bit in comparison to the similar plot point they recently had on LoT. All the same, I'm glad they're giving that plot some tragic heft instead of glossing over just how much that would screw with someone.
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I'm also glad that there are finally some consequences of all those times Kara was so lax about her identity while hanging around/working at the DEO. I know it's something we've complained about in past threads and it's rewarding to see those chickens finally coming home to roost. I was seriously never expecting this plot to rear its head at all. Well done writers for fixing one of your big problems.

Mind you, they've jumped straight out of the frying pan and into the fire with Kara revealing herself to Nia. It seems they couldn't go even one episode of Kara struggling on her own, without a female friend/colleague/relative knowing who she is. I actually would have liked to have seen her struggle a bit more. It's not that she has no support, what with James, and J'onn and Brainy around. It's just that she would have been getting support from the male half of her support network. Maybe watching her figure out how to interact with them on the same level she usually does with women would have been worth an episode or two.
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Also, I'm really annoyed at James for lying to his reporter. That's so not cool.

It would be one thing for him to say they're not going to go forward with the story because they're not going to expose their corporate owner, or that this isn't the type of piece that's right for the publication, or that non-disclosure doesn't mean something nefarious is going on (seriously, corporate financial statements are pretty vague in the details), but straight-up lying to her was highly unethical.
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Also, I'm really annoyed at James for lying to his reporter. That's so not cool.

I suspect that's the point of it, but aiming toward 'Lena is a bad influence' or some similar garbage. Although given the way ethics are portrayed on the show, it is indeed entirely possible the people writing this just didn't think of it.
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I think it's legit for her to want a female friend to be honest with. Lord knows if she can't do it with Lena (sigh) and she doesn't have Alex, I think it's probably a good idea to find someone else who won't blab. Also since Kara needs to follow a path of a more independent superhero, Nia is being set up to be some kind of backup. And I just think it's a bit different with guy friends vs. girl friends about some things.

As for Nia's dream powers: I can't deny that it's all a bit odd that they made a big deal about it being (a) a genetically only-passed-down-to-genetic-females, only-one-in-each-generation power, combined with (b) the mom dreaming it went to a daughter while pregnant with Maeve, and then (c) folks got upset at Maeve's reaction. Look, I'm not happy about the insult to Nia either, but I can get that Maeve's guaranteed dream just got totally unexpectedly trashed and she's kinda destroyed. And it is sort of an odd situation as to how that came about. One hopes the two of them can work it out and maybe Maeve can do dream consultation for Nia, but that does suck for Maeve.

Also, is "dreaming psychic stuff" really a superpower thing that requires an outfit? It's not really an action-y sort of power....
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wait I totally forgot to point out that I was super excited that they were playing Exploding Kittens!! Yay!
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