Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Four Movements
February 1, 2019 11:52 AM - Season 6, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Gina plays a high-stakes game of chess with Captain Holt. Rosa and Amy take Gina out for a fancy brunch. Jake and Gina must use their wits to infiltrate a posh club.

Gina's really leaving! :'-(

So many great quotes in this one!

"Jeffords, you... bitch" had probably the greatest read of all time for this show though
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Hello, Eugene Lee Yang in your first guest spot! Looking good!
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Hah, yeah, I was going, "Isn't of the Try Guys?" And I've seen that show ONCE (the knitting one), dude was that distinctive. He's got like, devilish cheekbones.

I didn't realize that last week and this week was her 2-part departure.

I dunno...I think if I had to lose someone off the show I may be fine with it being her because her semi-jerkiness is my least favorite trait of the character and I was just kinda like "ugh, really, that was just mean about the scrapbook even if you think it's dumb." Also I started feeling sorry for Slater, FFS.

I am also with Captain Holt in the "this is a dumb move to quit your job with NO plan or clue AND YOU HAVE A KID" and "you apparently spent a lot of money on a bling statue to boot" feelings, though. If she was quitting to start her own dance company (Dance Dance ResoLinnettiion?) and had some plans for that instead, kewl, but just being all "I wanna fly by the seat of my pants and take a chance and I just WANNA" irritates my practical soul.

I know, it's a TV show, I should just relax, but again, I'm Holt on this. That said, them playing chess was amusing, as was the dance number and the obvious stuntwoman.
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I'm sorry to see Gina go, I did enjoy her wit in small doses. I'm glad this will be the only all-Gina episode though.

I'm hoping for Murphy Brown-style rotating assistants to plague Captain Holt the rest of the season.

These last couple of episodes were funny, but I do have to say it was awfully nice of all of Brooklyn's criminals to take a break for two weeks so the show could focus on Gina.

Also I'm with jenfullmoon and Captain Holt, Gina should have lined up a new job first. Actually I think it's completely in character for Gina to do exactly this, BUT she would show up a week later and demand her job back and kick out the new assistant (didn't this literally already happen in the show?)

So if Chelsea Peretti is gone for good they should have given Gina a new job...
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Yeah, an all Gina episode was a lot of a character that I think works best in smaller doses. I am sad to see Chelsea Peretti go, but by the end of this episode, the goodriddances were creeping up on me.

"Chess Kevin means nothing to me" is a solid line though, and the opening interpretive dance meeting with stunt double was very good.
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I have never liked Gina so these 2 episodes were bitter medicine but I hope for the best. I love Amy too much and seeing her constantly bullied for no reason was the opposite of funny for me. Yes maybe I was taking it a little personally based on my experiences but so be it. There's a fine line between "funny because it's true/haha awful people are bullies" (I guess? Not actually sure what the joke was) and "I don't want to see this terrible thing happening". The parts where the characters would come into work and say "She's still here? Why?" I really identified with those parts.
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My only hope is that the replacement is Doug Judy.
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I guess I'll be the voice of dissent here, because I love Gina and think pretty much every line that comes out of her mouth is laugh-out-loud hilarious. I mean, I'd probably hate her if she was a real-life coworker, but she's not. She's a sitcom character, and a really funny one at that.
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her semi-jerkiness is my least favorite trait of the character

Agreed, her bragging on herself is amazing ("the human embodiment of the 100 emoji") but when she makes fun of other people it's usually not that funny to me.

I distinctly remember this teen magazine I read at some point where people would send in cute stories about their boyfriend. This girl sent in a story about how her boyfriend made it seem like he had stood her up for prom even though she was super excited but then after she was like, crying in her bedroom, he surprised her by... taking her to prom. The magazine graded each story and this one said "D- He purposefully hurt your feelings to surprise you by doing something you were already going to do? That sucks."

I'm telling this story because that's how I feel about Terry's Gina Moment.
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Also why is Jake's rich person outfit khakis with sneakers? LOL
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I remember reading an article where most of the cast said she was the funniest for them and was always cracking them up between takes.
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Best 99 episode ever... because Gina's finally gone! Early Gina was ok but in recent season she was just annoying.
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I am sad to see Gina leave, but I hope they at least fill the void by adding a lot more Rosa time - I've been really frustrated how little we've gotten of her so far this season!
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For those of you who don't happen to listen to The Good Place Podcast, they just posted part one of a Very Special Brooklyn 99 Episode with Dan Goor and Melissa Fumero and Luke Del Tredici.
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Finally watched this! Gina is my favorite character, so this whole episode is a bittersweet totally amazing thing. I love the Gina/Holt dynamic so much that I'd literally watch a series with just them, but I forgot how much I enjoyed Jake and Gina together. That episode where Gina exchanged her shithole apartment lease for (broke) Jake's more secure one is one of my favorites. I wish they'd done more of the Jake/Gina childhood friendship WAY earlier, but at least we got two episodes at the end.
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