Siempre Bruja: (Always A Witch): A Leap In Time
February 5, 2019 8:20 PM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

While being burned at the stake in 1646 Cartagena, Carmen -- a witch and slave -- time travels to the future to save both herself and the man she loves. (Netflix Original)
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I watched the first episode of this series over the weekend, but haven't decided yet if I'll go back to it. I'm a sucker for genre, and it's visually striking what with the Colombian setting and the beautiful cast. But I agree with the Medium essay that having Carmen's great love be the slaver's son is a pretty strong ick factor.
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I agree with the AV club's criticisms of the show and they managed to articulate a lot of the frustrations I experienced watching it. She seemed to find it incredibly easy to adjust to this time period with only moments here and there where has a moment of amazement in regards to say a bathroom sink. It just really didn't work for me, which is unfortunate because I thought it looked like it had some potential.
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I watched the first couple episodes because Colombian witchcraft university telenovelas don’t come along every day... but ultimately I don’t think I’ll go back to it. The love story was gross, her transition to modern day life was frustratingly easy and unexplored, and that male professor who always seems to be hanging around near some students creeped me out. But as someone who learned Spanish in Mexico and hasn’t traveled around other Latin American countries, it was fascinating to hear Colombian Spanish and see a different urban geography.
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