Chapo Trap House: 288 - So You Want To Start A Union feat. Brace Belden (2/10/19)
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Longtime friend of the show Brace stops by to tell us about his work unionizing Anchor Steam brewing in San Francisco. They also talk about Amy Klobuchar's unique brand of "Minnesota Nice" and dealing with the latest round of attacks on Jeremy Corbyn.

This is a really great guide to organizing your workplace for dummies, including very basic first steps like getting a list of all employees, (A trick to do this is apparently to say you want to send out Christmas cards) and how to talk to folks you work with (instead of talking directly about more money, ask about what they would do if they had a little more money).
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They also just unlocked last week's premium episode about Elliott Abrams and it's absolutely horrifying. Link.
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That Elliot Abrams episode was amazing and terribly upsetting. It really gives you that visceral feeling of revulsion the guy deserves.
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