Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Honeypot
February 23, 2019 10:44 AM - Season 6, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Jake suspects Captain Holt's new assistant is a spy from Commissioner John Kelly. Meanwhile, Amy leads the charge to organize everyone's desks in the crowded office.
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The sexuality was so charged, I'm surprised they were able to air it on network television.
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More Karan Soni in many things, please.
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This made me laugh so much, Captain Holt was perfect in this and of man that last talk between Jake and Amy was amazing.
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It is bizarre to me that in a very good comedy show, full of jokes ranging all the way from low to upper-middle-brow, one of my favourite lines ever was:
"What'd I miss?"

If you haven't tried saying that line in that way, you are missing out. It's fun to do!
[Works for all of your "what'd I ____" and "what'd he _____" needs.]
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Also the lento drum roll! What genius
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I think it's weird that the only option they had for clearing personal items out of their desks was to incinerate them. Why not just take them home?
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Amy knew if they took them home, they'd just weaken and bring them back again. She had to be strong enough for all of them.
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Good episode! Sexy episode!
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Well I thought the incineration was because that was the extreme method they chose (I forget the name). Thats where the bow idea came from.
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More Karan Soni in many things, please.

Mainly, I'm rooting for everybody that was in the short lived Other Space (still available on Yahoo until somebody pulls the plug!) to be on TV more often. I know that Soni probably made some decent money from his sidekick gig in the Deadpool movies, but he deserves to be a regular on something that people can watch every week.

(EDIT: I did a little bit of Googling and it looks like Soni's a regular on TBS's new sitcom Miracle Workers, so I might have to add that to my watchlist now.)
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My one thwarted hope for this episode was for Soni's character Gordon, while engaging in the triple-cross, to drop the persona. Like "Thank God they know I'm your spy now so I don't have to pretend to like barrels anymore"; he's a versatile actor and could have made the contrast very amusing.
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Just barely into the episode, but *I'd* certainly watch Coda.
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Not to get all Glen Weldon about this, but the barrel exhibit was the first time I believed that Jake and Amy had any (sexual) chemistry.

This episode (and last week's) felt like a real return to form. I always enjoy B99, but I haven't found the last couple of seasons reliably funny. Holt does work better, especially playing off Jake, when he's his more severe self.

I LOVE that the characters were so internally consistent about the honeypot thing, despite it being played for laughs. (Kevin being jealous, Holt subtly agreeing that his new assistant is very attractive, etc.)
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Season Seven is a go.
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“Munkensmåt” is Norwegian for “the monk's way.”
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When he chooses to, Holt is way better at being Peralta than Peralta is.
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