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Amy must be the one to decide what's best for humanity when the only way to stop Fanning and the virals' escape from Project NOAH involves a dangerous explosion that could leave Brad, Sykes, and the cure for the virus caught in the crossfire. (Season Finale)
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One of my favorite parts of this episode was the phone call with world leaders. It’s totally reasonable that the world would have decided to write North America off.

And the ending! After Amy had her flash forward seeing Fanning, I thought maybe that’s what we’d get. But I’m happy that the show appears to embrace the time jump.
posted by gladly at 10:06 AM on March 12, 2019

I was definitely not expecting a 97 year time jump. I am indeed hoping the show gets a second season so that I can find out what story they're wanting to tell here.
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All I know is my husband turned and looked at me when the missiles were flying (after I staunchly lectured the TV that hell yes, the rest of the world should nuke us! what the HELL, man?!) and said, "Look baby, they heard you. It's That Thing You Like."

And then my face turned into this

Can we talk about the amazing 97-year braid upgrade Amy got? It's like suddenly she's got all the time in the world to make incredibly flattering hairstyles!

Also, WTF is the deal with Clark? I mean, I know that we have the GoodGuyciples (Jonas, Lila, Brad all got the Cure + Amy herself) vs. the 11 for-sure BadGuyciples (Babcock, Martinez, Fanning, Carter et al). But I'm still super unclear w/why Clark didn't "turn" after Babcock nipped him or whatever she did to bestow eternal life and get jerky snacks delivered to her favorite bar.

I'm hoping this gets renewed, because I could easily plow through another 23 eps of Bowhunting Vampires Hike Across Dystopian America like right now.

If that's the end of Lacey, I'll be slightly bummed. She's the only one bringing the Scripture references in the back half of S1, and that seems important to the overall storyline.

As a person raised in faith, the show's plotline kind of gives me Vampire Left Behind vibes. But I'm okay with it!

dang I guess I gotta read the books now huh
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Oh well - TV Line - The Passage Cancelled at Fox
posted by oh yeah! at 10:37 AM on May 11, 2019

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