RuPaul's Drag Race: Diva Worship
March 15, 2019 11:59 AM - Season 11, Episode 3 - Subscribe

The queens put their pop icon knowledge to the test when they have to perform in live diva worship talk shows.
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Miss Vanjie! Miss Vanjie! MISS VANJIE! They’ll be worshipping her in years to come.
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Brooke Lynn grew up in a super religious small town — I was hoping to see her talk about it given the theme of the challenge but I guess she decided to save her makeup-time-personal-story for another time. Or do they save those for when there are fewer queens?
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Uh uh uh... this was a necessary Untucked (viewable here I think?). Hopefully they'll clip it next week.

Silky: 😬
Yvie: 👏
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The Britney team part of this challenge was one of the best acting challenges in RPDR history. Everyone was so good!

I admitted that I'm basically 1000% #TeamVangie this season. Me and every single other person out there, I guess.
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My God, Vanjie is legendary. I want to just watch her narrate everything, she is hilarious on every level. And I loved Nina West being just visibly in love with her comedy too.

I would walk through fire for Yvie Oddly. She draws me in, both in and out of drag. I do love a good art queen, but there's something rough and punk and gorgeous about her that I didn't/don't get from, say, Sasha Velour.

And finally, Lord grant me the confidence of Scarlet Envy. She so very clearly believes she is All That in a massively dull runway look right after sucking at an acting challenge. I think she'll be the one I love to loathe this season.
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Miss Scarlet has definitely been a prodigious user of Jinkx Monsoon's perfume. She reeks of Delusion.

I'm so over Silky. She does okay in the challenges, but her runways are not impressive, and good lord is she tiresome in the workroom.

Vanjie is a revelation. Yvie is a fantastical creature who always makes me want to see more. Plastique has been a pleasant surprise. A'keria brings it on the runway, but so far is a mixed bag elsewhere. When Brooke is good, she's very very good, but when she's bad she's Kameron Michaels.

The rest, to me, are pretty much filler.
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My God, Vanjie is legendary. I want to just watch her narrate everything, she is hilarious on every level.

I also love that even though she is totally hilarious and kind of on the loud side when she's performing, otherwise she tends to be quiet and subdued and not about the drama. Watching her in this week's clusterfuck of Untucked (team extremely not Silky) drove home that point for me - she's not an attention seeker, nor someone who seems to like to give mean reads, she's just super funny and sweet. I like her as a person in a way I didn't think I would.
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I kind of like Ariel Versace, despite myself. I don't think she's long for the competition, but I like her looks and think she's good in the talking heads (and also an EXTREMELY pretty boy, hello).
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Ariel Versace is a tri-state queen and I love her so much.
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Team Britney was legitimately funny, which is not something you can always say about a RPDR acting challenge.

Nina West finally lived up to her own hype. I was impressed by her skillful handling of the challenge.

I am 100% TeamVangie, but I am also loving Yvie. She is weird and smart and I am definitely a fan.

Silky, Silky, Silky ::insert Tyra Banks yelling "We were all rooting for you":: The transparent and aggressive attempts to manage her own storyline are blowing up in her face and she needs to stop. That dress reveal was so unnecessary and I love that Yvie pointed that out. Silky is twirling herself out of a positive edit.
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Tom and Lorenzo describe Vangie as sounding like a plumber doing slam poetry, and I love that description. She is so gorgeous and so funny.

Ariel Versace is so pretty too, but I'm afraid she's not long for this world.

Ru seems very enamored of Silky for some reason...
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I get why Ru likes Silky - she has a huge personality and she creates content for the Producers. Those two personality traits can work for or against a Queen in the audience's eyes.

Ariel Versace has great make-up skills, but her body work / costume choices are not on the same level.
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Right now, I can only muster up real feelings about Vanjie and Yvie.
Yvie's got that creative kookiness and commitment: when she picks a direction, she's all in. But then, if she thinks better of something, she corrects and adjusts. So far, she's just shown more all around stuff than anyone else, only three in, in a very crowded room.
Vanjie's definitely walking in with all the advantages: she's already been out there, on tour, known, with people wanting to help her. She's got some very pricey bits and she knows how things read, but at the same time, she seems very pragmatic, keeping things simple as far as what she needs to deal with and working with what she's got.
I want Nina West to go far because she's earned it, dammit, but after that... I think I like A'Keria's commentary? I just want more of the kids cleaned out so we can see something and, surprisingly, I am here for that budding romance.
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I am extremely Team Yvie -- I would love for her to win, for a "weird art queen" to win, and another queen of color, and perhaps most selfishly, a regional queen (sorry Kalorie Karbdashian-Williams, I was rooting for you, but I didn't have high hopes for your success last season :( ). There are "only" 3 queens from New York (NYC x 2, Brooklyn x 1) plus one from NJ. Three from Texas (ALL Dallas!). Two from Chicago. So I'll "rep" Colorado as an adjacent state (Texans have their pick).

And interestingly, Yvie is currently on top of the RuPaul's Drag Race Wiki, with 170 votes, above Plastique Tiara's 134, at this moment. Next closest is Brooke Lynn Hytes at 71 votes.

That said, I also love Miss Vanje because she's nice, and unfiltered. And I'm not talking about her voice ;) Where Silky is obviously trying to shape her story, Vanje's odd comments feel like she just says things that pop into her head. Michelle says something about things getting spicy, and Vanje says "Yeah adobo!"


(Answer: Miss Vanje.)

Unfortunately, I don't see her having enough to win, but I want her to last as long as possible. Time to see if she has a YouTube channel and follow that ;)
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