RuPaul's Drag Race: Trump: The Rusical
March 22, 2019 11:20 AM - Season 11, Episode 4 - Subscribe

The girls dance and lip-sync in a politically-themed Grease reboot.
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Well, I didn't really anticipate Evie v. Silky to be the thing this season, but Silky's win was really ridiculous. She barely did anything in the challenge and her runway was... fine? It's that Drag Race thing where queens that are ridiculously talented and consistent are just treated like a fait accompli and queens that are middling that have a good week are fallen all over. It's annoying.
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I thought Silky's Oprah was excellent, but let's be honest- one of the best parts was basically handed to her. It's the Frankie Avalon moment in the show. You're going to stand out automatically. I'm actually surprised she was upset by the casting decision.

I don't see there being a Silky vs. Yvie thing going on. More like Silky vs. some of the pageant queens, like Silky vs. Scarlet, or maybe Silky vs. A'keria (in both cases, a lot of that seems to be based on personality, although it does seem like Scarlet likes to start shit).

I am also living for Brooke/Vanjie.
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I though Vanjie being in the bottom this week was pretty unjust. She was pretty magnetic in the show and hit all of her lines - and strangely the show wasn't as painful as I thought it would be. I also thought Ariel Versace did a pretty fine job as the lead, which was a surprise.
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I agreed with a lot of this week’s Vulture recap. I did not enjoy the mini-challenge, mainly because it disturbed me how poorly the girls read. I did not enjoy the main challenge because truck Fump (I don’t know why but the Kardashian musical will always be the funniest to me). I also can’t believe Nina West didn’t get more praise for her SHS, it was on point. I did not enjoy the orange runway as it was underwhelming overall. At least Untucked had some kissing!!
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Yeah, the musical was ... uncomfortable. But Ginger Minge! Glamour Toad! I wish there was more of her. Back to the queens -- I think the problem was that some queens acted and lipsynced well, but if they didn't read as their characters, their charisma (and uniqueness, nerve and talent) wasn't enough, which put Miss Vanje in the bottom. I completely forgot she was supposed to be Rosie O'Donnell until I was reminded that was her character at the end.

And Joel McHale? I mean, JOEL MCHALE! Weird, but I feel like he kept with his LOUD SCHTICK enough that Michelle went from hating him to hate-loving him?
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I was glad Vanjie didn't go home. Ru's spot on in how much she's like Alyssa Edwards - captivating for no specific reason (although the eyelash flutter thing she does, like she's some kind of ventriloquist's dummy, is fucking gold and it's ridiculous and I love it).

Other than that, blech. The less time I have to spend thinking about that orange monstrosity running the US the better.
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I love Miss Vanjie, and I'm glad they brought her back this season.

She's like a tiny version of "Material Girl"-era Madonna crossed with Michelle Rodriguez, and every time she opens up her huge trash mouth it cracks me the fuck up.
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The long-form lip-sync extravaganzas with a dozen queens just don't do it for me, because some of the roles are going to be showstoppers and some are going to be underwritten, and it takes a whole lot to get past an underwritten role, especially for a queen that the show has decided is fading into the background on episode 1.

I like that finally a couple of contestants have the hots for one another, but it seems a bit like Brooklyn is pushing the screen time and Vanjie isn't quite as comfortable with it, even though Vanjie is usually pretty okay with getting screen time any other time.

I thought Silky's Oprah was kind of meh, and once judging happened, it was very clear how much of her neck and chin she shaded to get that most excellent mug, which I think can look fabulous onstage, but on TV it looked kind of strange, like her face was floating in mid-air.
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