Happy!: Tallahassee
April 5, 2019 10:54 AM - Season 2, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Hailey spends a day with dad. These mitzvahs are murder.

I'm wondering if I should include a CW for this post about the lack of skin on a person, but that's.. kind of par for the course with this show right?

The skinless Scooter Sterling was... disturbing. To fully carve it all off without the victim bleeding out takes a lot of time and patience. Smoothie is, well, an interesting guy.

Hailey is already picking up a few of her dad's worst impulses, like gambling and lying, but I think the kid's gonna turn out alright.

So Nick is back on the mercenary track? I thought he was going to sell the organs for money.

I feel like Happy needs more to do.
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I forgot to add: I feel really terrible for Amanda, not knowing how to cope with her trauma, and the one man she's found that can dampen her stress might get killed by her ex-husband. I'm glad she at least tried to reach out to Meredith, but boy that conversation got weird quick. At least Meredith is channeling her energy into Sunny in a productive way.

Also is Daniel Sunjata just going from show to show getting with women after their husband left/disappeared? (That's a Manifest joke, sorry)
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Ponies have funny names, in which Melania's "Be Best" slogan is ahead of Spider Jerusalem and Patton Oswald's character, Remy the rat.

Bonus nonsense link: Melania rebrands Easter by putting her 'Be Best' slogan on eggs at the White House Easter egg roll (Daily Mail headline from this past Easter, showing that this hyper-nonsense world isn't that far from the real world, sadly)
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