Project Runway: All the Rage
March 29, 2019 10:10 AM - Season 17, Episode 3 - Subscribe

This week, the designers must use a a single print to make a head-to-toe editorial look for a model. It's go big or go home, with bold fabrics.
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Most of the looks on this runway were pretty good, which surprised me given the work shown in the earlier episodes.

I think Garo tried so hard and really did have a cool idea, but what he wound up making was very Seth Aaron during his first win combined with Peppermint's club kid look. I was a bit sad for him.

Sebastian seems to be 1000% more talented than anyone else there, which makes me fear that he'll just do so great until the one episode where he won't, and he'll go. I also adore his personal taste in sweaters.

I didn't really agree with Hester's win. The close-up looks showed such bad stitching and so many stray threads, and that "garter belt" was cheeky, but really just a strip of fabric doing nothing, I think.
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I thought it was probably good for Hester to win, and they may have been going with her story and the lack of encouragement she's gotten in her career so far. I thought her outfit was really cute and bright and happy. That said, Sebastian is the clear talent this season. I don't think he'll be needing to do housekeeping to buy fabric much longer. If nothing else, there is a panel of judges who can get him work somewhere constructing and sewing for someone.
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This played straight to Hester's strengths, so I wasn't surprised she won. I was rooting for Kovid, though. I thought his look was perfect for the challenge, and the print he chose was an homage to an oversized Madras print.

I thought Rakan was sure to go with that drab, weirdly-shaped hot mess. But I think Nadine's exit was signposted from the beginning of the episode, and every time we saw her she was complaining about something. But Rakan needs to step up his game. If he's in the bottom next week I'm sure he'll be gone.

I think this is the high point for Hester though, particularly if there are other team challenges. It was interesting to hear her say in one of her THs that an instructor at her fashion school kicked her out because of her poor sewing skills and because of all the extra attention and support she needed. That doesn't bode well for her progressing too much further.

So far I love Sebastian, Kovid and Bishme, and I want to see much more of Sonia, who's barely featured in the episodes but whose garments I've really liked.

The preview for next week's show looks as if the drama is starting to ramp up ...
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I thought overall, this week's designs were SO much better than last week. (Group challenges are my least favorite anyway. ) Sebastian's was so perfect (OMG all that topstitching on chiffon), it seemed like he would win hands down. Maybe they were afraid he will win every time and the show will be too boring.

I think they sent Nadine home instead of Rakan just because she was mean to her model in front of them. Rakan's outfit was bizarre. It reminded me of a straight jacket, but for your legs.
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Here's the TLo recap (and podcast) which features all the looks.

This was a pretty solid episode with a lot of good designs even if most of the prints selected weren't very dynamic. I'm happy that Hester got the win because that outfit was head to toe *on point*. Sebastian's was exquisite of course and I've already put him in Final Three. When he said he'd been working as a house cleaner (shades of David Sedaris), I half expected Brandon Maxwell to offer him a job on the spot.

Did not get the love for Korvid's outfit although I liked the bright plaid, it looked sloppy otherwise. Venny should have been chosen instead.

Karlie Kloss and Christian Sirano continue to be void spots for me, granted he was right about the glen plaid, but neither one has much personality.
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Is the running commentary during the runway new? I think it's a Bravo thing, but it weirdly telegraphs how the judges feel and I'm not sure that's a good thing
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Ugh, Hester's was awful. Sebastian should've won.

Meanwhile, on Ladies at Least in Their Thirties Who Lack the Distress Tolerance of a Toddler...

(I agree, likeatoaster. There would be a very occasional intra-judges comment during original recipe, but it was maybe once every three episodes, if that.)
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This is the first episode where I felt something from Karlie. I'm not saying her personality is huge, but at least it is starting to come through a tiny bit.

I don't think Hester deserved the win either, and I still really want to see her gone. She just sucks so much oxygen out of the room. I also feel the same way about Kovid.

I was a bit annoyed when the judges acted in disbelief that Sebastian said he had to work as a house cleaner. What do they expect? Every immigrant off the boat is going to wind up on Wall Street or running a tech start-up in the Valley, or perhaps that they'll just take the Hollywood red carpet by storm because they're so talented. I'm sorry but life just doesn't work that way, and if that's what you expect, you've either had it too easy all your life, or you've been sitting on your high horse for so long that you've forgotten what it's like to be on the ground and horseless. Scratch that. I'm past annoyed. I'm down right ticked off.
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Oh, and I don't know if anybody here is watching All-Stars, but I couldn't believe who was crowned "world champion." No. Just no.
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sardonyx, re All-Stars. Flabbergasted. That sob story about being broke and having to quit fashion if they didn't win ... ugh. I mean, didn't they already have a $250K win just a few years ago? Where did that go? I've loved the second-place designer from the very start, so I was gutted at the judges' choices.
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Also, Sebastian said he was doing 'housekeeping', which I think means cleaning hotel rooms rather than private homes.
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It was interesting to hear her say in one of her THs that an instructor at her fashion school kicked her out because of her poor sewing skills and because of all the extra attention and support she needed. That doesn't bode well for her progressing too much further.

I thought exactly the same thing. People with construction issues (with the exception of Anya) never seem to get much past the halfway mark - or at least never did in Project Runway Original Recipe. It's interesting that we haven't heard any of the other designers talking about her poor construction (yet) - but I guess once we do, we'll know she's toast.

I like Christian a lot, but I think one thing I miss from Tim is that he was always a teacher at heart, and would talk designers through issues with their garments with the goal of getting them to see the problem and articulate it, instead of him just telling them.
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It wasn't even the sob story that bothered me so much about the win (although you do have a very solid point about past winnings). It was just the drab, dreary, depressing collection.
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I have to admit I really liked Hester's outfit. I didn't notice the construction issues, and I thought it was super cute.

The fashion school she was kicked out of was Parson's, by the way.
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So, I've been following Hester on Instagram for a while now. Long before PR. While I do think that humanizes her to me more than if I were to see her without context, I don't totally find her too grating. Yeah... she is very tightly wound. But she doesn't seem outright MEAN like other designers throughout the seasons.
*She also noted on her instagram stories that she wasn't failing out, she was passing all her classes with an A, the teacher's class that kicked her out was a B-, and she transferred to another branch under the umbrella of that school. So of course I don't know the reality of events but I don't know that it means she's a bad seamstress.

I really like her style - hence why I followed her in the first place. I would totally wear that winning look. It's fun! It's her! It's color! Gingham is super in right now!

One thing that I HATE about PR and this season so far isn't an exception, people rarely use what I would consider REAL colors or patterns. Any of the colorful ones were reds/oranges/pinks. (I don't count drab camo as color or really pattern.)

I was so excited, FINALLY a pattern challenge. And yet, most of it was blacks, whites, neutrals. Now, I love a good black and white graphic. But that could be in any challenge. I don't know how they continue to find designers that lack the joy of color and really knowing how to use a good pattern.

And really, I'm glad Nadine has gone. There's really no reason to be cruel to your model. They already have such a tough job on this show. Yet she berated her about her walk both to her face and on the sidelines of the runway AND her body. And her look was a mishmash of nothing.
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Too bad they couldn't have brought back Ulli for this one!
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All I can say about Hester is that, at least based on what we've seen on the show, which of course may be more or less characteristic, she is affected in an extremely predictable way, which is one thing I just can't stand.
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One final comment about the All-Stars finale: Mondo has to be one of the kindest people ever to appear on PR. Not only did he give massive emotional support to Irina (whose head really wasn't in the game, given her mother's illness), but he left her a list of all the things she needed to do to finish her garments.
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I'm enjoying this more than I thought I would - I quit the show years ago during the Lifetime years when it got really bad for a while.

My issue with Christian is that, judgmental snark is kind of baked into his personality and we all know it. And even though he's toning it down and seems to be keeping it aimed in a positive direction when called upon ("that is an old lady shoe") - to me it still means that I don't know how you ever fully trust the place his comments are coming from?
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