Project Runway: Outside Voices
April 5, 2019 10:12 AM - Season 17, Episode 4 - Subscribe

The designers are whisked away for a camping trip and challenged to create survival chic looks; the work room, accessories wall and runway are moved to the woods where the designers must battle the elements in order to stay in the competition.
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A few notes on PR off the bat that I've been stoked about.
1) There seems to be no (minimal?) strobe effects that I've noticed. I rewatched a couple of the past seasons and oh my goodness, my photo sensitive eyes almost exploded. And the fact that I can't remember a strobe issue so far in 4 episodes is good.
2) They show the safe designers' looks on screen as they are dismissed! How did it take 17 seasons to do this?!
3) The hair and makeup seem extra killer this season. I mean, the orange wing eyeliner on Kovid's look is STUNNING! The makeup artists actually used color and it's more than a bronzy eye with a lipstick.
4) I like the more involved challenges. It's much more interesting.

I'm really glad Renee won. Even though I liked Hester's look, just about everyone missed the point of the challenge, which was survival gear inspired. After being such a big fan of shows like The 100 and the new Tomb Raider games I wanted to see that badass vibe, not a red carpet in the pouring rain.

I also appreciated that Elaine mentioned the line between culture inspiration and appropriation for Hester's look. Though I would hope Hester is aware enough that she wouldn't put that on a white model.

Afa's losing look reminded me of a lobster stuck in a net with that strange front tail thing and the armor like top. Poor Mimi. She was freezing.

It seemed pretty minimal on dramaz this ep (and I don't understand how people had piles right next to Hester's, yet their like "This clearly isn't anyone's!" Very strange.) Overall they seem pretty supportive of each other. And Kovid's excited "I'm a hunter gatherer!" was super adorable.

(Also, I'm seeing this episode title listed as Survive in Style.)
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Episode titles are listed on the episodes page of (or at least they match up with the titles on Hulu and other blog/recap sites to the best of my knowledge.)
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I felt like Christian had more to do with the 3rd place look than the designer did, which mostly just said to me what a talented designer Christian is. But we'll see I guess.

I thought there were a lot of really good looks that were safe. I'd love to see the breakdown in scores, but we'll probably never get it.

The auf'ed designer was a class act, I thought the whole thing was very sweet.
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Renee's look was super meh to me, but there's no one I'm really constantly wincing at, except Hester. The loser went out very graciously.
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I understand where the judges were going, but I felt that both Rakan and Kovid essentially took the same approach--wrap sleeping bags around the models. Yes, one did it more successfully than the other, but both were still obviously sleeping bags that underwent very little transformation. I don't think it's fair to criticize one person for doing that while praising the other.

Maybe it's just that I find Kovid annoying, but I wanted to see him go and Afa stay. Plus, as Kovid himself said, this was his second strike and he's the only one to have hit that milestone.

I think a lot of the designers went off the rails because the advice they got and the brief they received stressed the fashion aspect more than the survival aspect. Even Nina, when she was praising the winning look went on about the accessories and how editorial it was. Yes, I understand this is first and foremost a show about fashion, but I think the designers should have been told that survival was the key element and looking great while doing so was the icing on the cake. Outerwear or athletic wear, for example, exists in a world that combines form and function, that should have been the emphasis for the designers, and that should have been reinforced by Karlie and Christian and that stylist.

I'm really terrible with names, and at this point, I have no idea who most of the designers are. That's why I rely on the Tom and Lorenzo recaps which show the outfits produced by each of the designers. This week's is here. For the people posting these threads, I think T&L are a good source of info, including episode titles although to be honest, I'd be perfectly content to just refer to the episode number. With a lot of these shows we talk about on FanFare, the viewers never see the titles. It's only information we're given if we go online and start looking up information about the shows. I don't feel that should be a necessary part of the TV watching experience. If the titles are so important that the viewers should know what they are, then tell us. Put it in the credits.
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I couldn't believe Rakan was in the top. The judges were impressed because he put in a zipper instead of just wrapping his model in gauze and throwing a sleeping bag over it. Ooh! A zipper!
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To be fair, I don't think it's particularly easy to put a zipper into gauze.
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I don't get the Kovid love. I am kinda over him. Nothing he has done has really grabbed me.

I personally didn't understand the brief for this challenge either, so I was shocked when Reneé won because her outfit seemed way too Scout Survivor Something. So I don't blame the designers for being confused too!
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I am a Kovid fan too, for his sweetness and optimism. I couldn't see much difference between his bottom design and Rakan's top design.

I really loved Bishme's design this week, with the appliqued stones and twigs on his model's skirt. I also (can't believe I'm typing this) loved Hester's look.

I thought Tessa's garment was awful, and if the brief was 'survival wear', how does a net skirt over tiny shorts and two bark bra cups even acknowledge the brief, let alone meet it?!

I've really liked Sonia's previous designs but, man, this week she was terrible. I think she was very lucky not to be sent home. I thought Afa's showed far more skill.

Renee's outfit was far too literal for my taste and I was surprised the judges loved it so much. It was a raincoat made out of a tarp with a bunch of stuff hooked on it. I thought she'd be slammed for lack of creativity but then, as with every single season of PR I've watched, what I think is great and what the judges think is great are polar opposites.
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I think Kovid is sincere but he also strikes me as the type that ends up imposing endless work managing his emotions on everyone around him, which is exhausting even when it's not at all fake.
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