Supergirl: Crime and Punishment
April 23, 2019 9:09 AM - Season 4, Episode 18 - Subscribe

Kara and Lena head to Stryker's Island to find clues that may help defeat Lex. Kelly encourages James to talk to someone for his PTSD. Ben Lockwood visits the DEO.
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Ok, first off, I knew the Warden was not going to survive the season as soon as he turned around and helped Supergirl and Lena. But they didn't have to kill him and created another instance of bury your gays.

I like that she's going back to her Kara Danvers reporting roots again. The show does do those parts well (ymmv if you think too hard about how real journalists actually work) and I've missed it.

And I'm guessing we're going to have James getting his powers and fighting Lex while Supergirl fights Red Daughter. I wonder how Otis will end up, maybe fighting J'onn and/or Dreamer?
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I should add: I really appreciate Colonel Haley more now with the nuance the show has given her. She's become very relatable in terms of doing what she thinks and feels is right, upholding her duty, while also maintaining her morality.

Also, Otis' casually dropping a "woke" take on how journalist fails to capture the larger context when talking about prison reform is amazing.
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Also, Otis' casually dropping a "woke" take on how journalist fails to capture the larger context when talking about prison reform is amazing.

Otis has been really great lately. I was glad his self-destruct did not properly destruct him.
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I too was glad to see that Otis survived.

Now I just want to see more of Mozzie*. Personally, I really liked cranky realist anti-Supergirl Mozzie rather than Kara Danvers-fanboying Mozzie, but that's only because I think Supergirl needs somebody to read her the riot act every once in a while when she's being naive or pig-headed, and there doesn't seem to be anybody in her life doing that. Plus, cranky Mozzie is always the best Mozzie.

(Sorry for the White Collar reference, but I don't recall the character's name, and as far as I'm concerned this guy will pretty much always be Mozzie.)

Maybe James will turn evil. I mean usually the all black eyeballs thing indicates an evil of possessed character in these kinds of shows. That would actually be interesting and something to do with a character that has become (or was always, depending on your point of view) practically useless. Of course, I don't really believe they'll turn him evil, but speculating about it is more entertaining than most of his recent story lines.
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I am totally here for more Willie Garson (IMDB tells me the character's name is the un-memorable "Steve Lomeli") in any capacity. I liked that this episode stressed that what Kara Danvers does has a lot of value, in some cases more value than being Supergirl, and having him be anti-Supergirl and pro-Kara was really nice in that regard, even if he's more fun when he's cranky.
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