Happy!: 19 Hours and 13 Minutes
April 25, 2019 8:22 PM - Season 2, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Sax struggles with the after effects of ingesting the goo.

While Sax cavorts around the city half naked and encountering various hallucinations, Happy! runs into some old pals from the Imaginary Friend support group. Blue asks for help from his cellmate. Amanda struggles with addiction and, in the process, forgets Hailey's birthday. Mer uses a Wishee costume to get access to Shine's blackmail video library in Shine Tower (VHS? Really?). Sonny continues to prepare for Easter Special as Amanda, Mer, and Sax all end up in Shine Tower for different reasons.

Special cameo by Weird Al as Bo Peep's jealous boyfriend.
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The behind the scenes video of this episode is aptly named "WTF Did I Just Watch?"
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I was hoping for a Sax v. Wishie battle at the end. Not much seemed to happen in this episode, but Sax' romp downtown with no pants was definitely fun. I thought for sure Dayglo Doug would join the Super Friends with the mic as his legendary weapon, but...no. The Orcus speech was a bit dull, but the location was pretty cool. I was left wondering what happened to the shit alien (and just who has Man Baby as an imaginary friend?!). The "WTF" has Sax (and Smoothie) looking pretty torn up. Is sobriety a weakness for Sax? Damage mitigation is definitely one of his super powers, but someone eventually really works him over. Sonny's Betamax collection was very clever. I will have to watch it again to see more, but I really LOL'd at the Ridley Scott tape.
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The alien was shot by Mer at the end of s1. She managed to collect some of the Wishee's blood. When she returned, the Wishee was gone. Last episode we saw Sonny visit the dying Wishee, which he has been keeping sequestered. Mer realizes that Sonny has replaced the Wishee she killed with another one hence her and Doug heading over to Shine Tower.

Seeing a depressed Happy as one of those carriage horses made me sad, but I LOVED the costuming for hallucination Amanda.
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I'm talking about the alien that Sax crapped into the toilet.
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Agreed Orcus' speech would be better served trimmed, but yeah, the visuals were great. Love Orcus' proto-mustachio.

I'm feeling super bad for Hailey, I hope there's a payoff for all the crap she's taking.
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Yeah, she's never received anything but. Next week she gets to meet her...lovely grandmother.
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Yeah I'm fine with not knowing more about toilet alien. I can only do so much toilet humor.

In terms of Hailey, yeah she really hit the crap lottery. She went from having one competent parents and an imaginary hero parent to two dysfunctional addict parents isolated to the point that she is willing to be friends with a radical sadist.

I do hope that things get a lot better for her.
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It's almost as if Smoothie is stepping in to replace Happy. I can't really even guess about his motives. Did he really suffer a major personality switch? His interactions with Sunny seem to support that. The writers might be trolling us for empathy toward a sadistic to-the-nines monster. Which I'm OK with! He's a great character and the actor is very talented. And maybe there is something extraordinary about Hailey that we have yet to see. I like to think that any offspring of an invincible space cadet like Sax is a Jedi of some kind.
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I don't think so. If you look at the last episode, Smoothie stole Hailey's birthday cake (it's what he's feeding to the pigeons) so it's clear he has some ulterior motive. Plus we know he was behind the nuns exploding in e1.

I suspect he wants revenge for her spoiling Sonny's "christmas surprise" but how he plans to get it, I don't know.

I do know I am excited to see Sonny's whackadoodle Easter Special with Tony Danza!
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My impression re: the cake was that he was trying to make her new "friends" look bad so that he could eliminate the competition, so to speak. He may not really know how actual friends are supposed to relate. He also didn't seem happy talking to Sunny after the nun incident, and he seemed oddly sincere talking to Hailey after the bleacher incident. She might have inspired some sort of sea change in him after last season. The writers are going to have to work pretty damn hard to redeem him if that's the plan.

Gonna have to rewatch the preview, I guess I missed Tony Danza!
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They didn't show Tony Danza. Sonny mentions his special will have Tony Danza when the kids are looking at Dayglo Doug's microphone. It's a throw away line but it made me giggle.
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Missed this the first time around, but when Blue was asking to be suicided, the very last bit (needing a hug, settles for a brief cat headbutt temple touch to the big guy's shoulder) was touching as hell.
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