No Good Nick: The entire season
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Family members find their lives turned upside down when a young, street-smart grifter shows up on their doorstep, claiming to be a distant relative.

This show is an oddball. On the surface it looks like the standard Disney/Nick tween show, but it is actually a mystery of sorts. And there is a lot that Disney/Nick would never do. There is a social justice angle too.

This Paste write up does a great job explaining how weird this show is.

I wouldn't let younger kids watch this. Some of the themes are pretty mature. I'm also not sure that the portrayal of foster care is good here.

But this was certainly interesting.
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My 10 year old might have been a wee bit too young for the show. I had to explain a lot of the con side of this.

But I was impressed to see real pain in the acting.

There are so few shows I can watch with my kid.
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This popped up on Netflix and I figured I'd check out an episode or two since I like Melissa Joan Heart and Sean Astin and I don't really hate formulaic Disney type shows. I don't think they're high art, but they sometimes have shockingly good writing and/or acting.

I was really surprised how good this was. It was very much like the Disney teen shows my daughter watches, laugh track and all, but the acting is good and the story line is actually somewhat original - at least for this type of show.

My daughter and I were both surprised the first few times they seemed to blast through a whole story line in one episode that many shows would have dragged out for several but it reminds me of The Good Place in the way they just find more crazy to dive into for the next one.

I agree that 10 might be a bit young to really get into this one for most people, but it seems just about right for my 14 year old daughter.
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I'm kind of between shows so I gave this a try today. I'm surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Yeah, I do sort of agree with the Paste review -- the subject matter is a bit too heavy for kids, but the overall vibe is a bit too juvenile for adults. But I liked that some challenging ideas and a conflicted protagonist (who, while she's basically failed at all her schemes, is still there conning people). The family overall is a good one -- supportive and loving, but not without their differences. The acting is surprisingly good.

No, it's not One Day at a Time (I already miss you, One Day at a Time) but it's well-done and I found myself looking forward to season 2.
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Just binged the entire first season (including "parts 1 and 2" with "part 2", the second set of ten episodes, having just dropped a few days ago) in a thirty-six hour period. I hadn't even heard of it until Twitter ended up having an impromptu Sean Astin Appreciation Day recently. (Which started when @samxgrace posted a few pics of "sean astin from stranger things" with an otter, which provoked a spontaneous and well-deserved lovefest for all of the roles Sean Astin has played.)

I thought it would be a pleasant-enough family sitcom, and had some hopes for it with Sean Astin and Melissa Joan Hart. It turned out to be pretty good, more complex than I would have expected — until I got to the last six episodes of part 2, starting with the flashback episode, which had the show take another major turn and from that point on I was completely hooked. Just blew me away how good those last six episodes were.
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