The Flash: Gone Rogue
April 30, 2019 8:18 PM - Season 5, Episode 20 - Subscribe

Barry continues to struggle with his feelings over Nora's betrayal; Brie Larvan, Joss Jackam and Peter Merkel return to Central City; Cisco makes a bold decision.
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Hm. I suppose my first reaction to this was mostly 'good grief, why won't they replace Barry? He can go live in the Speed Force or on Earth-whatever.'

Upon further thought, I gotta double down on that with a side of 'also how in the what does Thawne make a parallel Speed Force? Gah, my brain.'

But my final thought still loops back to 'Barry is terrible, and I'll never believe he's learned his lesson because he claims to every time.'

Also, I believe there was a theory that being empowered by the Speed Force makes a person terrible and incompetent (from the last crossover, where Barry was suddenly lethal and Oliver was dumb and terrible), and XS' attempt to play a bunch of hardened criminals maybe feels like further evidence of that.
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I think the speed force doesn't just dumb down speedsters, but it must also have some transitive property whereby anybody who spends too much time around speedsters soaks up the dumb like background radiation or second-hand smoke. I mean why else would Cisco actually improve the capabilities of the tech bees? Sure the effects didn't last very long on him or on Sherloque, but in the field the bees qualified for a "new and improved" label.

I understand from a research point of view why Cisco would want to keep the failed batches of the cure, but from a safety and security point of view, especially given his desire to prevent a cure from being forced upon unwilling meta humans, it was pretty stupid to retain the samples. I mean, if it only took team Flash seconds to understand how they could be wielded as weapons, surely that thought must have crossed Cisco's mind at some time.

Apparently none of the West-Allens have given any kind of thought to what we discussed last episode: that Nora remaining in 2019 can't be good for the timeline. Again, the stupefying effects of the speed force must be at work here.

Also speaking of dumb, Nora goes to the trouble of getting military uniforms and fake IDs for her rogue crew, and then decides to style her hair like that. I thought she didn't want to draw attention to their activities. I know practically nothing about the military, but even I know that's not a hairdo that would pass muster.

Actually I like this theory a lot. Joe, who was off visiting Wally (who seems to have abandoned or at least curtailed his speedster activities) seemed really sharp this episode, understanding the tech explanation and offering up an understand analogy for the audience, without resorting to the typical "explain that to me in English" response he usually gives. Being away from speed force users seems damped the effects of speed force stupidity!

I'm glad they dealt with the Ralph and Caitlin situation. Good, now that has been cleared out of the way, we can concentrate on showing that men and women can be friends and colleagues without being romantically involved and perhaps getting Ralph on the path to meet the love of his life, Sue. I really wish they had started with this Ralph, the nice, caring guy that he is, rather than introducing him as Ralph the self-centred jerk he never should have been.

The discussion between Cisco and Sherloque was interesting. There have been all kinds of rumours that the actor who plays Cisco is leaving the show. I have no idea whether they're true, but this could be a way to ease the character out--deciding to depower and go live a normal life with his girlfriend.

I would have thought such a prominent Gail Simone tribute (on the name of the architecture firm) would be more fitting for Arrow than the Flash given her history with the Birds of Prey and her lack (as far as I know) of work with speedster books. (Hang on a second, let's make sure I'm not making myself look like an idiot here...ah, it seems she has a Ragdoll connection. Okay, that makes sense.)
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As next year's crossover approaches we may need to prepare not only for the inverse of this but also with the introduction of Ivo Laboratories from the last crossover we may need to prepare for this too.
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I thought this was alright. Nora's still young so she's going to do irresponsible things like trying to start her own Young Rogues. But at least everyone's gotten over their hangups and now they're together again. I think you can't expect so much now, after 5 seasons; the characters' flaws are like the familiar plot points we've come to expect. I'm just here for the moments like what Cisco and Sherloque had, and the crossovers, and Grodd vs King Shark.
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Hey, folks, I'm going to see Avengers Endgame this evening so, whoever wants to post the episode 21 thread tonight, please go ahead.
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