Lucifer: Somebody's Been Reading Dante's Inferno
May 8, 2019 9:07 PM - Season 4, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Chloe and Lucifer look into a murder on the set of a reality show. Father Kinley presses forward with a plan. Amenadiel reconsiders his idea of home.

AV Club - Lucifer reveals Chloe’s true state of mind, as well as a new villain’s divine plan

*Lucifer superhuman moment - slow walk from exploding fireball. (Also, Tom Ellis has spent the hiatus getting into crazy-good shape, I think the shirtless scene may fall under the superhuman umbrella)
*Music - no singing, just some piano noodling

*In the flashbacks of Chloe's month in Europe, she is approached by Father Kinley, member of a league of exorcists, who are aware of Lucifer's presence on Earth and want to enlist Chloe's aid in drugging him so they can send him back to Hell, as they believe death and destruction follow whenever Lucifer visits Earth.

*Dan is still holding Lucifer to blame for Charlotte's murder, by his not letting everyone know about Pierce being the Sinnerman in time.

*Amenadiel invites Dan to go to an improv show, but Dan declines. Amenadiel awkward-montages his way around L.A. (and per the AV Club, the woman he "whatcha writing"s at is Lucifer co-showrunner and the writer of the episode Ildy Modrovich).

*Dr. Linda and Maze meet at the penthouse for a therapy+sparring session, at which Dr. Linda unexpectedly faints, and after seeing a doctor at Maze's insistence Dr. Linda discovers she is pregnant with Amenadiel's child. Later, at Lux, she shares the news with him.

*Chloe nearly drugs Lucifer at their penthouse grilled-cheese dinner date, but freaks out and leaves after Lucifer cuts himself on the broken wineglass, thinking it's an attempt to manipulate her as father Kinley warned, but after Lucifer nearly gets an ax to the chest trying to save her from the murderer-of-the-week (the cameraman did it), she believes him when he says she makes him vulnerable and he doesn't know why. Later, she tells Kinley she's not going to assist him in exorcising Lucifer, that she doesn't believe he's the monster they think he is.

*Father Kinley shows up at the Lux penthouse and tells Lucifer that there's something he needs to know about Chloe.
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I don't know what it means that the most delightful thing about this episode to me is the review referring to Linda's pregnancy as "the p-bomb" but I can't wait to refer to things as the p-bomb. It's right up there with those beautiful pecker babies.
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(I've just started season 1--does the show become less "monster of the week"?)
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Come to the season 1 threads, zeek321, we had some fun discussions and you'll avoid spoilers. Generally - I wouldn't say it's got a 'monster of the week' formula. While the case-of-the-week always directly ties in with whatever state the Lucifer/Chloe relationship is in, there are seasonal arcs. And while Lucifer/Chloe suffers from the writers' going to annoying lengths to keep them apart for fear of the 'Moonlighting Curse', there are other character arcs that have a less stunted development. Season 3 is a slog though, be warned.
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After three seasons of playing it straight to all the nutty characters surrounding her Lauren German finally gets a chance to show some emotional heft and is knocking it out of the park this season.

Was that Pasadena City Hall standing in for the Vatican?
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Just worked my way through this show like it was a job. Season 4 really knocked it out of the park. The writers appear to have gotten all the "what not to do" crap out of their systems, so we're left with the good stuff.

I'm a big fan of Being Human, and there were little nods to it all over the place in this ep, to the point that when I saw Ella's vampire t-shirt early on, I felt real dread. I was hugely relieved to find that this was the mirror opposite of that show's "Lucy" arc. Like, I felt like it was actually trying to heal the trauma of watching our hot antihero get betrayed by his confidante in a plot with evil priests, and then lose control of his demonic nature, ending with staking the monster to protect the world. Instead, they both act in good faith, the evil priest is put away, and they keep fighting crime. I mean, Lucifer is even staked at the end of the episode, but he'll be ok. Phew!
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