Happy!: Arlo and Marie
May 9, 2019 12:37 PM - Season 2, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Nick tries to rescue Amanda while Happy deals with the morning after with Bo Peep.

This episode reveals that Smoothie is really working for Orcus to kill Sonny, and the Wishees are also the servants of Orcus. Hailey runs away after discovering that Sonny was behind her abduction and didn't go to jail. And after Orcus sends a pack of escaped cons to kill Nick, he's fallen off the wagon. He's back in his old "costume" except this time with an Easter scarf!
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I'm a little confused. Orcus seems to be helping Sonny by trying to kill Nick

or is he?

Is he, instead, trying to get the old more powerful Nick back? I don't know.
posted by miss-lapin at 1:00 PM on May 9, 2019

If Nick kills Sonny, or gets him thrown in prison, that'll run Orcus' plan to kill Sonny on TV in his Easter Spectacular, which ruins Orcus' plans.

So killing Nick, or at least getting in his way, is in Orcus' best interest.

I have hope that Haley is going to come out of this with a more honest relationship with her parents.

(And I love Happy's petulant teen-age phase ;) )
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I'm just glad we're getting the Easter spectacular. I also want to knit this Easter scarf.
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Haley going total WTF was WTFing awesome.

Heh, Happy's post mortem.
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I also want to knit this Easter scarf.


I'm really mixed about Sax's falling off the wagon. I empathized with his pain trying to live while sober, but also now his sense of wellbeing and confidence and energy after that big swig of cheap vodka.

From a meta-narrative perspective, I kind of want him to fall on his face and try sobriety again.


I suspect Smoothie might end up being Haley's (primary, breakthrough) outlet for honesty about her feelings and thoughts.
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I LOL'd often in this episode, and almost right from the get-go with Blue's line about Heaven. The basement brawl was short but well choreographed. Meloni is a physical comedy gem. It definitely merits a rewatch to catch everything going on in slo-mo. Smoothie's motives are revealed, but I think his tactics will backfire on him.

Being wasted pushes Sax into berserker rage mode. It's definitely a curse. He will never be Captain America, that's for sure. Hailey has that same blood in her, so I'm interested to see if that is developed down the road.

It doesn't seem like Mucus is too worried about Sax yet (and I think he should be more worried about Blue as well). Maybe he assumes the Wishies will keep Sonny safe?
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Uh you mean Orcus?
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Sonny calls him "Mucus" during the opera.
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