Happy!: A Friend of Death
May 16, 2019 5:51 PM - Season 2, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Smoothie's endgame with Hailey is revealed, and Amanda meets Bebe.

Hailey learns about Smoothie's childhood, Orcus meets Amanda, Sonny's Eggtacular is cancelled, and Nick discovers that the Wishees do have assholes.
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This episode was really...dull.
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I think you mean sad.

OK, it was sad because of Hailey's transformation into a young girl who is now willing to kill.

But that'll get inverted somehow, because it's Happy! and not Breaking Bad.

And slightly grim because we got a glimpse of Smoothie's background, and we saw him stalk a rando just to pretend that the guy was his abusive father. (I'm guessing that his mother-figure was abused by him as a pre-teen and teen, given the photos of the nailed insects.) Then more grim because Kap was eating his young nephew. [Violence upon children really hits me hard, so my reactions are not universal.]

On further reflection, I'm wondering where Meredith McCarthy is going. Is she becoming the next Sax, finding some glee in the suffering of bad people, and generally ignoring the trauma inflicted on others in the course of said action? Because sending Kap Gostynski's cannibalism tape to a TV station, which aired it a few times is something Sax might do, but didn't seem within Mer's scope before. And Christopher Meloni continues to charm me with his loopy acting -- it was downright cartoonish in this episode (and it has been before, but it really struck me in this ep).

Orcus is mildly interesting, particularly with his knowledge of (and pact with?) Smoothie.

Sorry, Amanda, your story doesn't hold my attention. I hope she has some character expansion, because "loopy on alien slime" is kind of thin at this point. And Sonny Shine is boring, perhaps for the same reason -- he's one to two notes.

In summary, I'm still a big fan of this show, even after this episode with some of its lulls. I'm thinking a lot more about this than Game of Thrones at this point.
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/6 cops beating on Nick in lockup

"What's the matter with you, Sax?, Ain't you even gonna fight back? It's no fun if you're just gonna lie there."

"Yeah, at least pretend to be into this."

Sax: "Well...SURE, I mean - if it'll help..." <crotchpunches>

(and, well, the asshole scene)


Sax draining his black eye (to maximize combat effectiveness)? Sublime.


Haley's promenance as a main character works really well. Having (a really well played, and a decently written) Smoothie as the support character for her helps tons.
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I really liked the dance scene with Hailey and Smoothie. It felt like Smoothie did genuinely enjoy himself. I'm wondering if he will martyr himself to save Hailey from killing Sonny.
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