Everything is Alive: Sebastian, Alex, and Alex, Russian Dolls
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Sebastian, Alex, and Alex get to know each other, inside and out.

Though the passing seemed a bit gratuitous (forced by the curio museum insert), there was wonderfully nuanced characterisation among the three - makes sense to know the performers are improv regulars. (Ever so slightly disapponted it never touched on the "russian" moniker... but definitely one of the finer episodes, imho.)
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I thought it was a super clever idea but I had to bail out, the arguing among the three was giving me sibling rivalry flashbacks. D-:
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Loved the episode, as always. As an only child and introvert who finds spending a full day among others - including my spouse who I adore and share nearly every aesthetic and ethical opinions and most interests - it's a real leap to accept that anyone could be happy living such a life. This isn't the first time this podcast has made me think about people in a slightly different way.

I do wish they'd spent some time on the manufacturer and purchase of the dolls. There could be a great story about a cargo ship trip and a weekend at a tourist souvenir market. But, it was still thoroughly entertaining.
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