Mystery Science Theater 3000: OPERATION DOUBLE 007   Rewatch 
May 9, 2019 4:10 PM - Season 5, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Rewatch! Sean Connery's brother sure can do a lot. Plastic surgery, hypnosis, martial arts and so on. His brother's taken time off to go to the future to worship a huge flying head, so Secret Agent Central Casting sent him instead. He's up against an evil organization that somehow convinced a flotilla of clothes-averse young women to work for them, in capacities ranging from showgirl distraction brigade to movie screen. M and Moneypenny are involved somehow. In case you couldn't tell, this is an extremely silly movie and fully deserving being thrown against a wall and mocked by joke-making machines.Previously.
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Post went up late this week, we're just now getting underway with MST Club! It's at, with the episode itself beginning at around 9 PM Eastern time!
posted by JHarris at 4:13 PM on May 9, 2019

I think the "Neil Connery vs Sean Connery career comparison" sketch was one of the cruelest ones they ever did.
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Yeah, it's pretty harsh, although at the end they do say that this is just speculation, and they have no idea what Neil Connery's life is like. (And he can tell himself "At least I didn't do Zardoz!") Still, not a shining moment.
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Well, Neil can always console himself that he's a way better spy than all the professional spies and the only reason he's not the government's number one agent is because he mind-controlled the head of spies to forget he asked.
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