Happy!: Five Chicken Fingers and a Gun
May 23, 2019 8:06 PM - Season 2, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Hailey prepares for Sonny Shine's Eggtacular

After giving birth, Nick and Amanda are taken hostage by Smoothie. Mer joins the "Blue Feather" and Hailey waits to play her role in the Eggtacular.
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For me most of this episode didn't land well. The part that worked the best was Amanda talking about how she could remember what she did while "under the influence" of the Wishee pregnancy.

But I'm not really down with the idea that the world has been poisoned by the "Old Gods" and that's why people, as Mer put it, suck. I tend to be more of a Good Omens believer-that if angels and devils exist, their powers for good or evil are not nearly as well honed as ours.

Also Happy's "love power" struck me as just as awful as Orcus's. Having people compelled to make out without choice is pretty gross.

Overall, pretty concerned over where the show is headed.
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I thought the opening hospital scene was an amazing payoff of a lot of this season's High Weirdness. The rest of the episode mostly felt like a bridge, my one big critique though is that I wish they had coached Antonia Rey on what to do with knitting needles.
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Not sure when I will get to watch this episode, but it sounds like the alien angle is being dropped for standard mythological hokey. Orcus, Happy, Wishies are aliens, but are relegated to god/imaginary friend/devil archetypes by humans, which I think is a way more interesting angle.
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