John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (2019)
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Super-assassin John Wick is on the run after killing a member of the international assassin's guild, and with a $14 million price tag on his head - he is the target of hit men and women everywhere.

Si vis pacem, para bellum. (If you want peace, prepare for war.)
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When will these people learn to leave the dogs alone?
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Sushi chef!
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Who knew I would enjoying watching dogs maul humans so much.

Also - those headshots!!!!
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Lance Reddick, glasses slightly askew to remind you how much work he just did.
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This film involved too much plot for a John Wick film. And these franchise films are so bold now, there was nothing like a satisfying climax or resolution, either. This really was Chapter 3 of an ongoing story.

I liked all the action in New York at the start and the use of dogs to bite dicks in the Casablance sequence but the return to New York was a bit dull.
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I liked it a fair bit more than 2, which I thought got a little overly baroque with the "High Table" stuff, and whose action sequences seemed to go on too long without so much variation. Technically impressive, it often but like watching a supercut of action sequences rather than an action movie itself. I think I still like the relatively stripped-down first one, though.

This time, I suppose my expectations of weird, lampshaded high concept worldbuilding were already set, and the action sequences mad an effort to be varied and a little more narrative, so much more fun.

Also, one fun parallel: while the Matrix movies started with a strong metaphor for a human society captured by a corrupt system (call it capitalism if you're Marxist, government, if you're libertarian, the Machine if you're Zack de la Rocha), then lost it in plodding, obscurantist navel-gazing. Meanwhile, John Wick begins with this weird Nietzschean power fantasy (common to lots of high-concept action movies), and ends with a nod to smashing the system that all of the characters seek a place within. Which is not a new trope, but still a nice recognition that The Rules are cruel and arbitrary.
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I mainly go to these movies for the action and I wasn't disappointed ! I liked the plot but saw the inevitable betrayal of John by Winston from a mile away.

But I don't think Winston is going to be killed by John. Winston is too clever for that and I thought the survival of John wasn't a complete surprise for him.
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I read the betrayal as a complete set up - they were all in it (except the Adjudicator) and it will be Bowery+Continental (covertly together) against the HighTable+whatever that guy in the tent is. Still confused about his position actually.

The action was great. I don't want to call the violence "great" but it was perfectly over the top for me. The title should have just been John Wick 3: Headshot and not be so precious about "Parabellum". I also feel strongly that my dog is not living up to his potential, though he's a lot closer breed-wise to Dog and would likely also just hang out on a sofa in a crisis rather than be out trying to ambitiously rip a bunch of dudes' balls off, no matter how much I might wish it so.

I also feel like this is the first one where it was deliberately winking at the audience. The first two have plenty of ironic chuckling but this one seemed to want the bring the audience into the joke now.
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If they were all in on it, John must have complete faith in his ability to suvive a fall of that building :-)
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No one warned me about Halle Berry kicking so much ass. *pant pant*
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I thought the guy in the tent was like the head of the High Table? But now I realize it's not clear so I'm not sure either. I thought it was better than the second one for sure, excited to see it again. The problem is I think the first one is so spare, it's my worry with Mad Max Fury Road 2 (if it ever gets made) the desire to complicate something so simple and explain can really drag things down.
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“Parabellum” is an appropriate subtitle for this as it definitely felt preparatory for the 4th film which will be all-out war.

I liked it but didn’t love it as much as the second one which felt like the right amount of escalation to the first. This one is “just” an excellent action movie.
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Sushi chef!

He is introduced while Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's Ninja Re Bang Bang is playing in the background and it's such an odd, goofy choice. I didn't know whether I was supposed to take this character serious or not.
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I swear, while there are a lot of fun human actors in the film, the good doggo who got "shot" was the best actor of the lot of 'em. His concerned little crinkly brow when Halle leaned over him.... "alas, my mistress, I am laid low!...... Nope, just kidding, now business time!"
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I also liked this John Wick more than the last one. I'm also excited that they seem to have given John a purpose for the next film, since he was hopelessly scrambling in Parabellum and a very reluctant actor in the last one.

I thought the Adjudicator was pretty meh, and only tolerate that tedious order and bureaucracy stuff because it turned out to be pretty significant in terms of how the film ended. Halle Berry and her fighting dogs saved the second act for me; I'd be much more annoyed by the mystic desert stuff without her. The John Wick fanboy opponent was extremely weird. They've established that John Wick is famous and that contract killers are strange, so I guess why not ham it up a little?

This movie was actually pretty funny. There was a hilarious beat -- at the beginning, when he's in New York -- where he's grappling with someone and they both realize that the walls area covered with knives and lunge for them. Or the horse-fighting, which I think I might've liked even more than the killer dogs.
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I don't think anyone took a selfie with Wick, but it was pretty damn close.
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I quite liked that John Wick *did not* kill the two Ninja Force dudes towards the end--the ones who showed him some courtesy and helped him up. The actors are two of the most famous pencak silat practioners in the world.

One of the new Star Wars films had one of them in a role that I found disappointing to the point of being actively disrespectful in addition to immensely stupid. Glad to see Keanu and the gang did much better by them.

I can't imagine anyone actively interested in John Wick hasn't seen The Raid films already, but if you haven't...
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I choose to believe the dogs and horses went along with John because they know that he is a Friend to the Animals (in the same way fellow assassins respect him for being Baba Yaga).

My biggest wish for Chapter 4: Expecto Patronus: The Wickening is that the head of the High Table shows up and is played by Sandra Bullock.
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I keep hoping for Carrie Ann Moss.
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> There was a hilarious beat -- at the beginning, when he's in New York -- where he's grappling with someone and they both realize that the walls area covered with knives and lunge for them.

I thought they were like kids let loose in a candy shop!
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