Six Feet Under: The Foot
May 17, 2019 9:07 PM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

There's an unfortunate industrial dough mixer incident in the cold open, Nate and David consider selling the family business, Claire decides she wants a piece of the family business, Ruth tries a new financial gambit, and Rico holds everything together.
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I love Freddy Rodriguez! Nate so needs to realize that other people exist.
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I thought it was a little unfair of David to chastise Nate for changing his mind about selling the business when he himself was pretty unsure of what he wanted to do. His anger seemed to involve more than a little projection to me: David is frustrated with himself for not being confident as to what he wants, and so he lashes out at Nate for wavering between his options.

Kroner's comprehensive and full-out effort to crush Fisher & Sons out of existence doesn't seem realistic to me at all. Why on earth would they be that vindictive towards a single family-run business and invest so many resources into a David and Goliath fight? They are actually weakening their own position by over-reaching, when all they had to do was undercut them price-wise and bide their time.

Claire's payback scheme may have been utterly irresponsible, but there's no denying it was hilarious and creative. She taught Gabe a lesson he will never forget -- and he protected her by refusing to rat her out to the authorities.

Claire and Keith have such a cute in-law relationship throughout the series. She thinks he's hot, and he enjoys her admiration but -- thankfully -- leaves it at that. Otherwise, he's unfailingly patient and kind and understanding with her, and a good influence on her.
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I worked for Pierce Brothers, and they were bought by a conglomerate. Afterwards, I got to hear the descendants of the original Pierce Brothers talk about that conglomerate. It was pretty much what David and Nate talk about in re Krohner.
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The obituary from this episode:

Thomas Alfredo Romano

May 16th, 1944 - January 21st, 2001

ROMANO, Thomas (57) passed away on January 21. He was a long-time employee of Haussman's All-Natural bread company. Tommy was a member of the Monday Night Men's Bowling league at Southwest Bowl for 19 years and his team won the championship for four consecutive years from 1986 - 1989.

He is survived by his loving family: his cherished wife Pauline and loving daughters Judy and Barbara. Visitation will be held January 26 at Fisher & Sons funeral home. Private burial services will be held Saturday at 4pm at Holy Cross Cemetery in Rosemead.
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