Elementary: The Further Adventures
May 23, 2019 8:37 PM - Season 7, Episode 1 - Subscribe

In the Season 7 premiere, Holmes and Watson now work as consultants for Scotland Yard in London. The job take them inside the tabloid journalism industry when a popular model is the victim of an acid attack. Also as Watson grows increasingly homesick for New York, Captain Gregson is wracked with guilt over his unresolved rift with his former consultants.
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I thought this was a decent enough premiere. It's a shame that they are already pulling them back to NYC. I liked getting to check in with Kitty, and also the new DCI is a promising character. I had a feeling the show would quickly revert back to NYC, but I was hoping to at least spend the first couple episodes in London.
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I would have been overjoyed had the show decided to stay in London for the whole season.
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I would have been double-overjoyed if they had been abducted by aliens and spent the rest of their last season solving crimes on Tau Ceti IV.
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That would have required some special circumstances.
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I had sort of hoped that this season would be Holmes and Watson's go at something like Inspector Morse or Lewis. I like Elementary but thought they would take advantage of the new setting.
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I enjoyed this, but I'm not here for blonde Watson.
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