The NBA on TNT: Raptors vs Warriors, Game 1
May 30, 2019 9:59 PM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Do we do sports here? because that was a great sports game.
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The Raptors won.
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Whoa, spoilers! 😂
posted by sixswitch at 4:37 AM on May 31, 2019

I think it might be best if we just had one post for the series. Then we could react as we go. We've done similarly (round-by-round) for the baseball playoffs and the World Cup, so big sporting events definitely go here.
posted by Huffy Puffy at 5:22 AM on May 31, 2019

Yeah, I tried to get basketball threads going a few years ago and there just wasn't a critical mass, but fanfare seems to have picked up since then so maybe we have enough basketball fans.

I love to watch the Warriors when they're going full steam, it's just amazing basketball, but I'm thrilled to see Toronto win game 1 and hopefully make this a series. I was rooting for them in the Eastern conference but didn't really think they'd make it past the Bucks.
posted by skewed at 6:26 AM on May 31, 2019

I wasn't shocked after the first half but usually when a team goes up on the Warriors there's a morale-destroying third-quarter rally and that just....didn't happen. Good for Toronto, that's how you've got to deal with the champs.
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I only started watching from the end of the 2nd quarter and yeah that 10 point lead felt precarious the entire time. Basketball is streaky in general but against a great team like the Warriors that lead could disappear in seconds.
posted by any portmanteau in a storm at 12:45 PM on May 31, 2019

I am ready for the East to be Unleashed.
posted by thecaddy at 8:11 PM on May 31, 2019

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