Warrior: The Tiger and the Fox
June 3, 2019 5:18 AM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Ah Sahm faces a dilemma when Father Jun sends Bolo to hunt down Long Zii and Mai Ling. Ah Toy takes on a business partner for a large deal. Penny is faced with an unsavory choice in order to save her home. Lee's past catches up with him.
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I am not 100% sure I buy the narrative logic of Mai Ling killing Long Zii. I get what the proposed logic is, which I took to be that she felt the only way Ah Sahm survives killing Bolo is if the mission to kill Long Zii is a success and no one who knows Ah Sahm interfered lives.

But still... that felt more like a moment created by screenwriters for an arc than her actual best choice for what to do there.

Bill saving Lee, on the other hand felt spot-on.
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Bill reminds me of Romo Lampkin from Battlestar Galactica in that he can be selfish, scheming, and awful but, if he absolutely must and if no one else at all can/will do it then... (sigh)... he will do the right thing.
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I am not 100% sure I buy the narrative logic of Mai Ling killing Long Zii.

I thought she wanted to kill him anyway. The part that seemed less well thought out is why was her master plan so bad she would have been killed if her brother didn’t arrive.
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Damnit, Lee really is just a damned good person at his core.

Bill saving Lee felt good; I've been reading that Bill has some addiction problem (and probably PTSD) and his gruffness is armour/ keeping people at arms length.

But I can also easily see Bill acknowledging that Lee's goodness is a window through which he might be able to save his own soul.

I, too, got the initial impression that Mai Ling intended to kill Zii anyway from the dialogue, but it was probably Zii acknowledging that Mai Ling is ruthless enough to kill him to protect her brother and worthy of leading the gang.

Ah Toy's a really badassed character, but... assaulting a white guy in this scenario? I'd expect that 9 times out of 10 her brothel gets burned down.

The Chiinese accents have gotten much better all around, but still sounds stilted (it could be - but I doubt - period accents, like ye old-timey accents). The ESL accent to distinguish between spoken English and translated Chinese hasn't held up super consistently but at least they're still trying.

I can't shake how much Joe Taslim resembles/ reminds me of Tobias Menzies' face.
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