Gilmore Girls: Kiss and Tell   Rewatch 
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Rory gets kissed and Lorelei loses it. Then Dean gets invited over and Rory loses it.

They watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and get to know each other better.
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I'm afraid once your heart is involved, it all comes out in moron.

That's in the running for my favorite quote from the series, and I find it to be far too applicable in my life.
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I love how Lorelei suggested everything when she realized she messed up, but Rory finally admitted there wasn't actually anything that could fix it. I think Lorelei has a really hard time trying to be a different kind of mother from her mom; she doesn't have a role model for what to do.

Some of my favorite exchanges:
Luke: "So you passed the need for an actual person to talk to several minutes ago."
Lorelei: "Oh yeah, before the gelato stand."
Luke: "You're an amazing woman."
Lorelei: "Thank you for noticing."

Rory: "He's the boy that I like!"
Lorelei: "I know, I tried to find one you hated, but it was really short notice."

Lorelei: 90% water and 10% caffeine.

Also, is it a continuity error or is Dean lying when he says he doesn't have a motorcycle? (Or when he talks in later episodes about working on his "bike" often with a friend, does he actually mean bicycle? Is that something you would work on frequently? It's not like we ever see him riding either kind of transportation.)
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I really liked the whole "I want to like you ... and I usually get what I want" line from Lorelei to Dean. I like that as much as Rory is growing up, so is Lorelei.
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I love this episode a lot but that private talk Lorelai has with Dean is extremely annoying. She comes off as a bully trying to be really clever and witty and it's all just dumb. She can act like a proper parent and assert her authority without making bullying, aggressive comments. But the whole hang out was somewhat creepily unbelievable from the start and then made weirder when Lorelai flips a switch on herself, and then Dean acts like he knows it all and is taking her bullying behavior in stride as if that's how a normal concerned parent acts. I realize Stars Hollow is supposed to be a very different world, but still. A remotely normal boy would have justifiably been creeped out and ran out the door, not had this "mature" witty back and forth banter that shows how mature he is and how much he gets it.

I mean what is with how she keeps repeating "she is not going on your motorcycle". If someone's mom said that to you? Talk about creepy! ICK!

And I also thought the " I want to like you...and I usually get what I want" to be creepy and bullying and stupid. What kind of adult says that to a teenage boy? I would have been so scared of her.
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"My role model, ladies and gentlemen."
Hey, Lorelai, you are literally sitting NEXT TO THE MUFFINS. Why don't you just go grab one?
Way to stuff your crotch, Luke.
"It's time you became one of us!" ONE OF US, ONE OF US, LET'S BREAK OUT THE CULT BEHAVIOR
"My mom's not wearing any underwear!"
Yes, Lorelai, go get your own damn coffee and muffins!
"Don't sit on any cold benches." Point to Luke for that one.
There's a sign that says CRANBERRIES ON SAIL. O RLY?
"I got kissed. And I shoplifted."
"I'm not going to make that noise again. EEEEEEEEEE."

Wow, Lorelai is practically Blue Screen of Death-ing over this hidden kiss thing. (Did enjoy the General Hospital rundown though. Ah, Lucky and Liz....) I guess that's justified when you got pregnant at 15, in a sense.
So then she...asks Dean out. Wow.

"I looked for one that you hated, but it was really short notice!"
I love the idea of telling jokes to a weeping willow to cheer it up. That's really adorable.
So is Sookie Lorelai's date? Is it a double?
"Sweetheart, the whole TOWN is watching you." That's officially more threatening than the mob.
Dean is a bit sharper than I was expecting.
"I usually get what I want." Except the fridge fixed and your mom to get off your back.
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