Gilmore Girls: Rory's Birthday Parties   Rewatch 
November 2, 2014 10:28 AM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Rory has two 16th birthday parties: one hosted by her mother, one by her grandmother.
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Dumb kid shoulda got laid.
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I was just coming to post this! This is the first episode I've watched that is truly charming me. Lorelai being a grownup! Rory being a sassy teen! Emily giving in a little sometimes!
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I love this episode because it's the first one where you start to get a sense of what the Gilmores lost when Lorelai ran away. It really helps you understand the dynamic between Lorelai and her parents (especially Emily) so much better and helps set them up as sympathetic characters.
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I love Richard reading the teen magazine on the porch. And all the Rory stories from the SH townsfolk.
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OK you guys I've been seriously bingeing and I'm on S03E04 and wondering why Luke's is four storeys tall from the outside but there's only the diner and Luke's "office" above it. Are there evil spirits occupying the top two floors?

This is a serious question and demands intensive thought!
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Re: Luke's upstairs area

He lives there. It is his primary residence. There is no bedroom, but a bed area that we will see in the future plus room for another separate bed area that we will also see in the future, but actually in the nearer future.

He also has a full kitchen up there and we will see him cook in it.

I hope these are not considered spoilers!
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Also, since I'm just posting random Gilmore stuff, Drella and Jackson are splitting.
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OK you guys I've been seriously bingeing and I'm on S03E04 and wondering why Luke's is four storeys tall from the outside but there's only the diner and Luke's "office" above it.
My moment of losing suspension of disbelief is seeing the steep dessert hillside on the mountain in the background of views of the town square.
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I don't remember what's in his 'office,' but unless he sleeps there then there must also be at least a bedroom: later in season one, in episode 16 or 17 (one of those -- it's been a little while), there's a scene where he comes downstairs to the diner having just woken up.

I don't imagine it spoils anything to know that Luke does indeed live up there: it used to be the office but Luke converted it to a studio-type home. It looks like his entire living space is on the floor above the diner, meaning there are two empty floors above it. Maybe there's just no ceilings up there and the apartment has a three-storey-tall wall stud.

Unfortunately I'm so far ahead now that it's hard to comment on season 1 episodes without acknowledging the changes in the characters over the next two seasons. But that shopping scene was the first real exchange Lorelei and Emily had, and it was so good to see Emily struggling not just to get Rory the right gift, but to acknowledge that Lorelei is the parent and let her have her say.
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Ok, speaking of not-spoiler set details, and nothing specifically about this episode because I've been watching waaaaay faster than we post these recaps:


-every available inch of counterspace is taken up by beautifully decorated desserts. the hotel serves full meals, yet there's no chopped vegetables or bubbling stocks or messes or even frosting drips, just tray after tray of chocolate strawberries and trifles and giant fondant-wrapped cakes?

-the entire shelf that's around eye-level over the whatever-station (the scone and cupcake and eclair station) is full of those oils and vinegars packed with citrus and chiles the were a ubiquitous white elephant gift and tool of realtors trying to make a kitchen look fancier during the time period that this show aired for some reason that always said NOT EDIBLE, FOR DECORATIVE USE ONLY on gummy stickers on the bottom
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Yeah, but that's partly what's so great about it, that it looks so perfect and beautiful that it looks fake, and yet it's somehow believable. You could say that about a lot of the setting for Gilmore Girls, in particular Stars Hollow. But yeah. I've also always noticed the perfectness of the kitchen in particular. Such lovely produce! It's like a fruit bowl greeting card.
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Also, I really, really have to say I love the Friday night dinner scenes they always do at the beginning of every episode before they start the credits. They're so nice! This one's a good one, though towards the latter seasons they seems to be struggling. Put a post it on it when you're done!
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Yes, those post-its! How awkward!

You do really feel for Emily at the end of this episode as she gets in the car....
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"Why don't I bring a tape recorder?" Because you'd drink yourself into oblivion if you had to listen to those conversations again, DUH.
"But she did agree to let the string quartet learn "Like A Virgin."
"Okay, fine, you can get her the bong then.
"Jane." "LANE." Daria!!!!
"Okay, burger boy, dance!" "Will you marry me?" The most random segues of all time.
"THe cops shut down an 8-year-old's birthday party?" "And arrested the clown." PLEASE INFORM ME ABOUT THIS NOODLE INCIDENT.
"Oooh, boy, here we go." Poor Rory is not into this story. "I wonder if the Waltons ever did this."
"But pelting the nurses sure was fun."
Seriously, what IS wrong with this Tristan dude?
Dear Rory: my high school nemesis and I attended the same college and we never saw each other. It's totally doable!
Waitaminute, all of his hate is about a jerky boy?!
Wow, Rory really is the kind of Lorelai those parents wanted as a daughter.
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