Euphoria: Pilot
June 17, 2019 5:47 PM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Rue returns home from rehab and meets Jules; Nate and Maddy attempt to make each other jealous; Kat is pressured to lose something.
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I’d seen some gif-sets on tumblr of Jules and Rue, and gave the pilot a try, but I think this is too bleak for me.
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the wisecracking drug dealer child pretty much hamstrung my ability to take this show seriously.
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This show feels weirdly like Six Feet Under to me. There's this self-indulgent, free-floating angst to it that I don't dislike, exactly, but that doesn't feel relatable to me, either.

I think maybe I'm too old and too millennial for it. When I was the age of the characters, which is a long time ago now (I'm nearly twice Rue's age), I was doing more or less the same things they are -- but real life was so much grimier. And in real life, everyone was just tougher? More down to earth? And sex and drugs were just a smaller part of life because you had to, you know, be responsible for yourself and maybe others. These kids seem to have zero responsibilities or even interests aside from sex and drugs. They seem to face zero consequences for anything, either, although maybe that's just because this is a pilot? Anyhow, it makes it hard for me to care about them, because if they don't have any responsibilities or pressures (outside of their own mental health) or even dreams to worry about, then sure, why not go be lotus eaters. I mean, there's nothing wrong with being a lotus eater for the rest of your life, intrinsically, it's just that most people don't want to because it's boring and selfish.

I'm torn. I like the look of the show a lot and I watched the whole thing without wanting to turn it off or anything. But at the same time, I'm having a lot of trouble caring about the characters. It feels like there are no stakes and nobody is particularly likeable...well, except for Jules, I did like when she just ghosted the weirdo at the motel to go to the party, and when she stood up to that asshole (Nick?). I especially liked that she cut herself instead of cutting him, because it made it seem like she really did just want him to back off, she wasn't an asshole herself. But even though she's the most likable, it's not like a ton seems to be going on with her, either -- she's just maybe more lively and proactive than the rest of them.
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Also, how come everybody is fucking named Rue now? This is the third character I've run into this week. Is it because of Hunger Games? And I'll have you know, I started with this user name when I was....fourteen? Fifteen? So as long as the character of Rue has been alive even in theory hahaha
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The beginning was promising but then it turned into a weird depressing porny soap opera. I shut it off.
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This was interesting, and I'm happy to read this from the Variety interview:

The premiere careens so chaotically, and is so aggressively jarring that it would be completely understandable if viewers tuned out just to avoid the sheer stress of it all. But that would, as it turns out, be a shame. The following three episodes made available for review are much more focused and confident in their style. Levinson learns how to use the disorienting haze of living in between rollercoaster drug trips and harsh sobriety to sharp, bracing effect. If the premiere is a dare for audiences to stick with it, the rest of the series seeks to uncover the truth behind each character’s tryhard facades. It might start as “Trainspotting,” but it becomes a 2019 era “Skins” soon enough.
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