Los Espookys: El Exorcismo (The Exorcism)
June 17, 2019 6:54 PM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

In the series premiere of a primarily Spanish language comedy (with English subtitles), 4 friends use their love of horror to start a business.

Renaldo enlists his best friends Andrés, Úrsula and Tati to help him orchestrate a staged exorcism that will elevate a priest above a hot new colleague who is usurping the spotlight.
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This episode had me giggling consistently - I loved the priest drama, and the chocolate dynasty drama, and Tico encouraging Renaldo to do what he loves - "horror could be your parking!"

I'm terrible at accurately quoting dialogue, even after seeing it subtitled on the screen, so I won't try to recap all my favorite lines, but there were many.

This Vulture review, that describes the show as a reverse Scooby Doo, initially peaked my interest. Really looking forward to these characters developing.
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Oh, good, the show made it into the index listing, the suggest-a-show page said there was some problem with the imdb interface or something when I entered the request on Friday, and I wasn't sure when/if it would make it through.

Yeah, this was fun. I agree with the Vulture review that it would make a great pairing with "What We Do In The Shadows" if they weren't on completely different networks.
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How scary/gory is it?
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No scares that I recall -- this isn't an 'Ash vs. Evil Dead' kind of horror/comedy, since there's no real supernatural element. There's some gross-out humor like fake-vomiting on the young priest during the staged exorcism, but it's only gross for the characters who aren't in on the staging. (Actually, the grossest thing in this episode was the 'hot' priest's super-moist lips, Father Francesco is right about that.)
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Loved it, watched it twice. Currently streaming free on youtube for those who are interested but don't have HBO.
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So glad this exists! If you love this check out Julio Torres’ (Valdez) stand up. He writes for this show, has an HBO special coming out (My Favorite Shapes, I think, which I saw a few years ago when he was workshopping it or whatever at UCB), and he was the writer on SNL responsible for Wells For Boys.

He’s funny and gently weird and unapologetically queer.
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I love this show so much I want to hug it.
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Ha, I was watching this and was thinking that Valdez needed a well. He's definitely my favorite so far, what with his incredibly extra exposition of everything.
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That was delightful! I’m sad it’s on HBO.
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