Los Espookys: El espanto de la herencia (The Inheritance Scare)
June 25, 2019 4:17 PM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

A mysterious woman enlists Los Espookys to frighten five people vying to win a millionaire's fortune by staying through the night at his "haunted" mansion; a case of mistaken identity lands Tico in the spotlight of the art world.
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Where can I get some levers? It seems like levers can pull off pretty much anything.

I loved the shot of the mysterious woman's hand slowly walking up the tiny staircase in her hot pink fishnet glove - cracked me up. Also, the house being haunted by the ghosts of people who couldn't afford to use handrails and therefore fell down stairs to their doom.

Another episode full of good parts. I liked everything about the American ambassador, and hope the team gets a gig at the embassy. I also liked the nun who wanted to spend the inheritance on diamond rosaries instead of the orphans - and that no one knows who left Andrés at the orphanage because she was too busy watching her telenovela. And I'm very glad the nurse wasn't disinherited just because she also turned out to be the murderer.

The only part of this episode that didn't work for me were the Tico bits. I hope they don't put in an obligatory Tico B plot every episode. I liked his parking shenanigans fine in the first episode, but didn't feel it added anything this time.
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I think my favorite parts of this episode were the sound cues for the giant amulet and the random giant blue hourglass.

I kind of liked the Tico family scene, but it felt weird switching between the A and B plots.
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