Los Espookys: El monstruo marino (The Sea Monster)
June 30, 2019 2:58 PM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

After a longtime tourist attraction is compromised, the mayor of a seaside town is approached by Renaldo to create another; Tico eyes a fortuitous partnership after running into Renaldo's favorite director in Los Angeles.

With Carol Kane as Bianca Nova!
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I liked Tati's date dress. Too bad that duplicitous hot Spanish duke catfished her by pretending to be a cartoon prince. I'm guessing the MLM will turn out to be successful yet somehow disappointing to her. She will miss the simple joys of counting steps as a human Fitbit.

Ok, I can get onboard with Tico plotlines if they involve Carol Kane.

Loved that Gregoria has permanent high heel feet, like a Barbie, nice touch. Wondering if her mysterious origins are going to be related to Andrés' mysterious origins.
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How is Pepito the creepiest of them all?

I'm glad that Andres will also help others with their backstory monologues. He has such a talent.
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I agree w/ primroses: there has to be some connection between Andres and Gregoria, and the beach.

In metaanalysis, I am in love with all the costuming choices, including the sea monster.
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Mysterious woman buying things for Ursula, that was a quick moment. Maybe there will be more backstory to it.

Pepito was super creepy. Great casting

I wonder if the lost wig is Gregoria's hair and that is why she can't remember her past.
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I'm hoping the mysterious woman comes back as a love interest that only spells trouble Any woman that would keep an open tab at a gas station is both tempting and a bad idea.
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I love these weirdos.
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“You don’t look like your photos.”

I mean
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He waited 23 hours for her!

I also believe that the sequined flapper dress was her attempt to look like a princess. Either that or that's how she dressed in her dating profile, for reasons.
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Ok, I can get onboard with Tico plotlines if they involve Carol Kane.

Agreed, was delighted that she didn't jump.
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Excited to think that my default assumption that all characters are bisexual (unless explicitly stated otherwise, and even then, hmm) has ALREADY paid off with Ursula! Andres is still my favorite character because he has his own theme, but Ursula is the close second.
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This was my favorite of their effects. The sea monstro was creepy and cool!
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Asking for a friend: how much of a role does Fred Armisen play in later episodes? More, less, about the same?
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Got a response!

"Having finished season one, [Armisen] still shows up but in a subplot that doesn't really matter and Carol Kane chews the scenery so hard that he becomes invisible.

"The rest is delightfully surreal."
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