Neon Genesis Evangelion: Moment and Heart Together   First Watch 
July 6, 2019 12:57 PM - Season 1, Episode 9 - Subscribe

A quick attack against a new Angel by Asuka and Shinji ends in an embarrassing defeat when the Angel suddenly divides itself. Shinji and Asuka undergo learning a series of synchronized dance movements as per a new team-oriented strategy.

Secondary title: "Both of You, Dance Like You Want to Win!"

Fly Me To The Moon - Episode 9 version
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Love that the deputy commander of NERV has a personal elevator in the debriefing room so that he can just peace out with maximum disdain.
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I love how Rei and Shinji are drift-compatible from the get-go, but he and Asuka have to go through a week-long intensive bootcamp to make it happen. Complete with Flashdance cosplay!

Though it does raise the question as to why Rei and Shinji don't do the mission instead. It wouldn't be a fun monster-of-the-week plot that way, though.
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I think they forced Shinji and Asuka to do it in the hope that they'd actually be able to cooperate on future missions as well.
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Though it does raise the question as to why Rei and Shinji don't do the mission instead. It wouldn't be a fun monster-of-the-week plot that way, though

In almost every other attack Rei has been prepared to go alone in Shinji's place, and Shinji has got in the robot instead because he knows it fucking awful and he doesn't want the one person in the world he can identify with to suffer that. Maybe Misato thinks they couldn't fight effectively as a team because Shinji would be more preoccupied with Rei's safety than the mission.

Or maybe we just have a new character and need to show them off a bit.
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A detail I don't think I noticed during my last rewatch years ago: how stricken Asuka was when Misato suggested she could be replaced during the unison training. :/
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- Rei and Asuka's first conversation cracked me up in a way I don't think it did during previous watches either:

Rei: I'll be your friend if I'm ordered to.
Asuka: Oh? You're a strange one.

- During that first fight with Israfel: wow, Asuka just stomped on those buildings like they were nothing, huh

- omg the slide show of failure! So many great lines in the debriefing scene. I especially liked how the deputy commander emphasized to Asuka and Shinji that "NERV does not exist in order to make buffoons of ourselves," and how he later peaces out by sinking down into the floor. After seeing rodlymight's comment, I too now wish I had a personal elevator for exiting meetings.

- Asuka's rant about the Japanese doors in Misato's apartment not having locks, followed up by Misato's chipper reply "that's because we Japanese try to be perceptive and considerate of others." HA!

I forgot these earlier Eva episodes were capable of straightforward comedy (besides gallows humor). It's refreshing, though the episode itself isn't devoid of more serious table-setting. A few details that stood out to me during this watch: Asuka's reference to how piloting the Eva is all she's got, her quiet plea for her mother while she was asleep, and Shinji just managing to stop himself from following through on that kiss upon hearing that (ugh, must've blocked that whole scene from my mind before).
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