Saturday Night Live: Woody Harrelson/Kendrick Lamar
November 16, 2014 12:20 PM - Season 40, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Woody Harrelson goes on a late-night comedy bender filled with booze, coke, pot, more pot, crack, meth, apples, and more booze.
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Is my entire perception of this episode much rosier because it ended with the Kate McKinnon Last Call in the bar sketch? Probably.

"I replaster unpopular glory holes."

is pretty much a laughline worth waiting 90 minutes for.

"I recognize your work!"
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can we go ahead and rename the "monologue" portion as the "musical" yet?
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I felt that this episode spaced the laughs out better than usual, I mean, I wasn't super into the Apples sketch but the splash for the pick made the whole scene worth it to me - there was at least one solid laugh in every sketch, which often isn't the case.

Also, was the Last Call sketch the only recurring* character? YES I think it was! I'm always in favor of fewer recurring characters.

*aside from the political material and WU, of course, but I consider those separate
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there was at least one solid laugh in every sketch, which often isn't the case.

I felt the same way. Harrelson isn't that awesome as a sketch player but he seemed good-natured and they built that into his bits instead of trying to make him into something that he wasn't. Kendrik Lamar was amazing, really brought a lot of energy and intensity to a short bit that can often seem throwaway for people who are as accomplished as he is. Also this was one of the better cold opens with Obama which I thought had been getting pretty tired.

And yeah I've pretty much had it with the "opening monologue as a song" thing, though it was fun to see all the Hunger Games people showing up and Jennifer Lawrence cracking up. Also Weekend Update seemed better than usual. Colin wasn't as awful and Che didn't fumble as much. So I didn't think the show was all hits but it was more consistently funny overall and the drug jokes seemed like people enjoyed them (the video'ed piece about the new marijuana laws? Classic) and weren't just an ongoing"Hey Harrelson is a druggie!" references that seemed forced.
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