Saturday Night Live: Cameron Diaz/Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars
November 23, 2014 11:23 AM - Season 40, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Cameron Diaz returns to host SNL for a fourth time.
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I'm not sue why, but my favorite skit was the high school drama production with the cringe-worthy observations.

"Which one is your kid?"

"I'd rather not say."
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Another terrible episode, with Leslie Jones at the tippy top of the terrible heap. I can't not watch this show, so I really hope they figure it out.
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I thought Back Home Ballers was hilarious, and not just because I very recently mocked someone for using the stupid default random character router password.
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Back Home Ballers was really sweet, one of the better bits they've done in a while.
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"Back Home Ballers " and the phone sex operator sketch at the end of the night made me think the (probably not completely fair) thought "What if they just only let the women be in front of the camera?" ("Back Home Ballers" also made me really glad I was going home the weekend of Thanksgiving as well because it is sometimes so true.)

I've got to stop betting on the Pepsi Challenge.
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I hadn't been aware they were making a new Annie, but after the monologue, commercial break (because I watched it live over-the-air like a chump) and the first sketch, I was all too aware.
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The theater sketch didn't click for me because the kids needed to do something funny. Instead it was actually pretty serious, and not quite over the top.

I say this as someone who performed a group interpretation of Ani DiFranco's "My I.Q." in a theater class showcase that, yes, featured any number of excessive movements of black plywood boxes.

I still have never heard the original version.

we live in a breakable takeable
(breakable takeable)
breakable (breakable) takeable world

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Cut For Time: Def TED Talks
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