Neon Genesis Evangelion: SEELE, Throne of Souls / Weaving a Story   First Watch 
July 10, 2019 6:58 PM - Season 1, Episode 14 - Subscribe

The Human Instrumentality Committee recollects the past Angel encounters and battles while Gendo conceals the matter of the recently discovered virus-like Angel. Rei and Shinji undergo inter-compatibility testing with their respective Evangelions, but this experiment culminates in a strangely familiar incident.
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That line about the Dummy Plugs doesn't sound sinister at all. I'm sure it's fine.

It was inevitable that we'd get a clip show episode, but this one is really effective IMO. By presenting the clips as a report to Seele, we get some fresh insight into what they're up to. Particularly: they've got all the angel attacks planned out, but Gaghiel and Iruel (the fish angel and the virus angel, respectively) deviated from it, and they don't like that. They like it so little that Gendo is lying to them about Iruel.

There's an even better example a little later, but one thin I enjoy about this show is the way that its montages always seem to cut just a little bit faster than you'd expect. It's such an eerie effect, you have just barely enough time to register what's happening in each scene before it changes.
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Oh, so THAT is what Gendo was doing in the Antarctic with an aircraft carrier that had a thing on the deck, covered with a tarp.

Wait. What?!? So many questions.

Is it SEELE or Seele? I can't remember. Either way, they take meetings fucking seriously. Lie to the others and it's a capital crime? No business would ever survive with such a rule...
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It's Seele and Nerv, as far as I know, being the German words for "soul" and "nerve" respective. Although the Nerv logos are usually stylised in all-caps, so "NERV" is also totally acceptable.
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Every once in a while I drive behind a car with a NERV sticker on it and I wonder which building near me contains the giant rifles suitable for Angel combat.
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Rei’s acid trip was pretty interesting.

Ritsuko’s Idea of working with others includes a good chance of taking actions against them. Lovely philosophy that I’m sure that will never come up again.
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This is more a general comment, but TV Tropes has a great set of spoiler-free recaps for the series.
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IIRC, the recap episode was the first episode in which the Angels were given names. That the Committee was referring to these creatures by name all along was another WTF moment in this series.
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