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July 12, 2019 7:49 PM - Season 1, Episode 15 - Subscribe

Shinji visits his mother's grave in the company of his father, and Misato reflects upon her bygone romance with Kaji. Soon afterward, Kaji and Misato discover a startling secret within NERV's Terminal Dogma.

Secondary title: Those Women Longed for the Touch of Others' Lips, and Thus Invited Their Kisses

Fly Me To The Moon - Episode 15 version

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(Thanks to Rock Steady for pointing out the TV Tropes recaps, adding these from here on out!)

Waypoint Radio has a new episode this week on episodes 14-19, I haven't listened to all of it yet but whoever had just finished episode 19 sounded like they needed a hug. (Note: show page has a spoiler for an upcoming episode...)
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Ah fuck, is Rei is a clone of Shinji’s mother? BARF
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I mentioned this during the "clip show" episode, but I love the montages on this show. The Misato-goes-to-a-wedding montage is my favourite. It just cuts so aggressively, literally mid-sentence during the best man's speech and that karaoke song.

Also, it's brief, but when Gendo fucks off and leaves Shinji by himself on his mom's grave, Rei is in the VTOL craft.

The Asuka-Shinji kiss, too, is one of those times when the show feels like it's portraying teenagers discovering their sexuality in a realistic way rather than doing it a leering way for the benefit of its adult viewers. It's a nice change of pace.

Final thought: Kaji is still a trash bag human, but this is like the least trash bag-like he ever gets.
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"I see."

I am wondering very much how Commander Ikaru was able to convince a woman to marry him and father his child. Or do we find out his wife consented to giving birth to the Third Children out of a sense of duty? I guess I'll have to stay tuned.
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The karaoke song intrigued me. Felt like another wedding thing one does, like listen to some blowhard talk about their horrible advice. Also on the Waypoint podcast they theorize everyone's getting married because of the end of the world, but I thought it was more of a "everyone is approaching their 30th birthday" thing. Maybe the icon in their palm starts glowing?

Kaji feels like an amalgam of three different characters they crammed into one: Misato's old boyfriend to give backstory, a lackey for Gendo, and then a James Bond investigating NERV. Save on character design and voice talent and just jam all of them into the one sketchy dude!

Gendo's acknowledgement of Shinji's need for approval was heartbreaking. That poor kid.
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Weird parallels/ patterns:
* Misato and Ritsuko talking about everyone trying to get married before they turn 30; Shinji's mother, Yui, died at 27 (1977 - 2004)
* I think this was the first time that "Fly Me to the Moon" was featured in the episode itself, as Kaji carries Misato after the wedding

Also -- the crucified Adam (screencap) -- those are tiny legs! So many questions. So, so many questions.
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Rewatching the series prompted me to dig into Evangelion wikis to find explanations for the weird lore of the series, and to my surprise there was actually a lot of interesting detail that made way more sense than I remembered.

Then I discovered that almost all these explanations were sourced from unlockable codex entries in a PS2 visual novel that Hideaki Anno had no direct involvement in.
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My point is, few works of media fly so high and crash so hard as Evangelion. It drives video game devs to come up with answers in a quasi-canon forgettable game that came out a decade after the show. It even drove Anno to redo the series as a set of movies that dives off the rails in a completely different but equally unsatisfying way.
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OMG this moment from the Waypoint podcast.

Is Gendo the ultimate Wife Guy?
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Speaking of creepy little legs, this episode is another really good reminder that Shin Godzilla is awesome and everyone should watch it.
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I was wondering when to bring up the heresay from way back when that the series suffered from the common anime affliction of not being renewed for another season or running out of money because it wasn't doing so well. Only then to become such a fan favorite in spite of or because of it's flaws. It's almost as if Anno just flipped a bird for the final episodes. Then came the directors cut of the final episodes and the theatrical releases up to End that re-write the ending you'll see on Netflix. And then all of the games and manga and multi-world interpretations.

It's not a totally bad thing to go off in search of spoilers or theories and rewatch. I think a lot gets lost in translation or nuance or in the seizure inducing image sequences.

It's so much fun reading First Watchers start getting to the WTF??? bits of the show. I still think that the later DVD releases and movies are better because of the sound engineering.

Sorta fanboy like... If this is your First Watch and you eventually go seeking out Spoilers... You'll probably want to go back and watch it again after you have a better clue about what's going on.

Ob. minor spoiler/fan-theory... Shinji and Asuka actually had sex this episode.
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I think I read that doujin
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